How to Organize PC and HDTV Cables for a Clean, Clutter-free Workplace

If you have a desk PC or HDTV, you might have a lot of cluttered cables in your workplace. Although these cables might be hidden behind the monitor and the desk, they still manage to peek through, and his clutter could get on your nerves-not to mention gather a lot of dust. We have got a couple of solutions for your wired items, so that you won’t have to bear the techno spaghetti (wire clutter) gain.


So you love your PC, but all its scattered wires make it look an octopus. Well, unless you have an iMac, or any other all-in-one computer. Here’s how we start managing all these stray wires.

First of all, try to go wireless as much as you can. You can choose wireless keyboard and mouse. Of course, they have their own hassle of replacing batteries, but in this scenario, they are a requirement. For internet connectivity, discard all LAN cables and get a wireless card installed in your computer (and get a Wi-Fi router if needed). If you use a printer, get a Bluetooth-enabled one. See, you just eliminated four cables.

Now separate all the remaining cables from one another. Here’s the rule of thumb-make sure the wires run along the sides of the table. Don’t let them hang like spider’s web. You can (generously) use zip ties to firmly grip the wires together (but keep power cables separate from other). So overall, it depends on your setup, you will have to get shorter or longer wires. Use zip ties to couple wires, and then clearly run these wires behind your desk so that it looks organized.


I bet your looks gorgeous with an HDTV, but what about the bird’s nest behind it? You have definitely spent a lot on the setup, and don’t want to see mess of all those wires. We have two options, your HDTV might be setting a table, or it could be well mounted. Either way, cable management is essential.

If your HDTV might sits on a TV table, then we assume you will have a DVD player, a gaming console, external speakers, or a set top box on the table as well. The first thing is to organize all the cables; separate each cable from other s. then start by combining wires that are close to each other, again using zip ties for the purpose, and follow as guided for desktops above.

If the HDTV is well-mounted, you can use wire tracks to run wires along the seams of the walls, but don’t let cables hang freely or run in the middle of the wall. Another solution would be to use wire ducks or wire raceways, as they are an odd as stray wires running down the wall.

These are only a few ways to organize your equipments wires. Of course, the degree of organization you can carry out depends upon your creativity-these are unlimited possibilities!

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