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More Tricks and Strategies for Playing Subway Surfers

subway-surfers Subway Surfers found at is a classic infinite racing game available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  You control a skateboarder while you avoid obstacles and collect items and coins. Since it offers unlimited lives, you literally are able to play for hours without being interrupted.  This, however, does not mean you are not […] Read More

The Best Mobile Phone Gaming Apps of 2015

best-gaming-apps-2015 The mobile phone revolution is experiencing a new high, mainly because of the development of countless gaming apps that have become available to android and iOS users. In the 21st century, indulging in them has become one of the most popular activities of mobile phone owners. There are a myriad of gaming apps out there, […] Read More

Top 5 Gaming Laptops in 2015

Best-gaming-laptops-2015 Not long ago it was possible for all online games at sites to be played on absolutely any low-end device. This was because the features were incredibly basic and the graphical quality low. Now a new generation of games have upgraded graphics, better sound, and enhanced features. In short, you need a new laptop if […] Read More

Protecting Yourself While Gaming Online

protect-while-gaming-online I would like to give a big thank you to for allowing me to stop by and help users with questions they might have had about online safety. I’m a big fan of the site and I often find very helpful information. There’s something about online gaming that has sparked interests lately in the […] Read More