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Understanding Encryption

We all like to stay safe online but how many of us understand the processes at work? We are often familiar with terms such as encryption, but often do we know what that involves? If you operate your own website, you may have come across terms such as OpenSSL, which is a form of secure […] Read More

From Toque to Timberlands – Dressing for Success from Surprising Sources

Professional dress code has always been an important component when creating a first impression. We tend to make assumptions on perceived credibility, potential and professionalism based upon your appearance. For people in careers that are centered around wearing uniforms and dressing in industry looks, there are great professional and stylishly designed apparel that don’t break […] Read More

OLX – Where Buyers and Sellers Meet

OLX has proved time and time again that it is the leading online buying and selling market in India. With plenty of features and a brilliant user interface, OLX has made itself a household name. OLX has made itself plenty more accessible by launching its versions on various different mobile platforms. OLX mobile app has […] Read More

Understanding Big Data in the Security World

When the news broke that the National Security Agency has been collecting and analyzing email and phone records from major service providers, many Americans were shocked. They decried what they felt was an intrusion into privacy, believing the government overstepped its bounds by effectively spying on citizens and collecting information without any cause or authorization. […] Read More