Understanding Encryption

Encryption We all like to stay safe online but how many of us understand the processes at work? We are often familiar with terms such as encryption, but often do we know what that involves? If you operate your own website, you may have come across terms such as OpenSSL, which is a form of secure […] Read More

Using Game App Testing to Increase Sales

iPad-Gaming There are various things that have to be said about game app development. Unfortunately, there are so many that create really good games that have a huge potential but success is low since mistakes are done. One of the biggest mistakes appears even before the game is released. We are talking about the testing phase. […] Read More

5 Gadgets You Should NEVER Travel Without

Travel If you are planning on hitting the road or flying to your sweet escape, make sure that you keep your essentials handy in case of emergencies. Among these are your gadgets and devices that do not only run your business world but also keep you posted with updates on your family, friends, colleagues and the […] Read More

5 Best iPhone Motoring Apps

iPhone-Motoring-Apps Few years back nobody had even heard of the word iPhone, quite interestingly today, many among us cannot imagine living without iPhone. With numerous available apps it’s pretty hard to identify those worth downloading whereas those which are a total waste of time. Well, below mentioned are some of my best iPhone motoring apps: TomTom […] Read More