Is Adapting Console Games to Mobile Apps a Good Idea?

The gaming industry is proving to be an immensely profitable business. Technology has facilitated an evolutionary climate that has redefined the possibilities of video games countless times. From the 2D pixels showcased in games of the past, to the realistic marvels boasted by today’s consoles, video games have become a mainstream fascination. The popularity of […] Read More

5 Amazing Things 3D Printers Can Print

You have probably already heard about 3D printers at some point. These are the devices which many industry experts believe will change the face of the world in years to come. It all sounds a bit futuristic if we are being honest but there are plenty of amazing yet practical uses for these printers which […] Read More

Best Android Apps for Education of 2013

It is no longer acceptable to restrict learning inside the classroom.  Nor is it sustainable to provide students with assignments via a small select of mediums. Information technology has supplied the education sector with more tools, some of which are provided below: 1. Desire2Learn Binder Basically, it’s a document reader, some formats of which it […] Read More

High-Tech Home Security on a Budget

OK, so you’ve been eyeing up a state-of-the-art home security system and really want to have one installed, but has hit a snag: the price. Modern alarm and monitoring systems are now so advanced, utilizing the latest technology, that there’s no way you can afford to install the latest. Or can you? Alarm security systems […] Read More