Has Facebook Become Too Commercialized?

Facebook has become a very strong tool for those who need to socialize online. It gives a person the ability to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world. Social online portals have become a popular way for people to stay in touch as well as for those who want to advertise […] Read More

Latest Mobiles Used by Many Youngsters

Are you planning to buy your son or daughter the latest smartphone as a birthday present? With mobile technology becoming more affordable, youngsters are looking to flaunt the new generation of gadgets that hit the smart phone markets recently. Here’s a list of smart phones that youngsters today prefer using. iPhone 5: Yes, it costs […] Read More

The Rise of Mobile Gambling

For many decades gambling and casinos evolved at a very slow pace, mostly because it was an industry that didn’t need its formula to be altered at all. Years ago, casinos that closed at a specific time were available for people to visit and enjoy. This soon changed, and now we can see that most […] Read More