Five of the Best Online Games to Play

Whether you’re hoping to kill time on a boring commute or procrastinating before your final exam, there are a seemingly infinite number of brilliant games to play online. So when it comes to actually deciding which ones are worth your time, it can feel like you have too many to choose from – how could […] Read More

Tips on Buying Gaming Laptops

Most hardcore gamers would go for a gaming desktop. Hence, most of them would in fact suggest that you build and customize your own gaming desktop. However, building a gaming PC is not that easy. It takes knowledge and expertise, which you may not have fully developed yet. Besides, all you want to do is […] Read More

5 Best iOS-Exclusive Games

The A9 chip and 64-bit architecture in the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will once again elevate mobile gaming to new heights. While the most popular titles are usually available for both iOS and Android, there will always be the gems that remain iPhone-exclusive. Even if you’re gaming on an older iPhone 5, these games […] Read More

About Mac Browser Games – Why Choose Mac?

Why do gamers turn to Mac when it comes to gaming? This is a very frequently asked question which almost every regular PC user/gamer wants to know. Well, there’s more than one answer. Here are some reasons why gamers choose Mac; Preloaded Software First and foremost, Mac computers come with preloaded software. This means that […] Read More