Infamous 2 Review

The huge fans of infamous were waiting impatiently for the new edition of infamous gaming series. Finally in famous 2 has been released on June 7, 2011. It’s an addition to the action adventure gaming, the developer of this game is sucker punch productions and the platform is play station 3. The first edition of infamous was released in 2009, which was highly appreciated. This time the developer has added some new things and unique tricks to the gaming experience of infamous 2. The game picks up the story from where the infamous 1 was ended. Infamous 2 will get 8.8/10 in story and 9.4/10 in design.

Gameplay: Once again you will take the role of super human Cole McGrath, this time in the city of new marials. It looks like the problems of vampire city are present in marials as well. There is some new characters included in the game with the name of kuo and nix. The game also provides you the powers of fire and ice; anyone can easily play infamous 2 because it’s very easy to understand, even for the new comers to this series. McGrath is as lively watchful as ever, making use of different things to pass through the surroundings. In game combat you will use different attacks like shooting and melee attacks. You will start the game with the basic abilities but when you goes forward in the game you will get new powers and techniques.

This time there is more variety in the enemies, some enemies will need to be killed from the long distance and some will be from short range like melee attacks. There is something new in the game and that custom editor, from which you can edit your own missions. Infamous 2 will get 9.2/10 in its very good game play.

Graphics: As compared to the previous one the graphics certainly looks very improved, very nice facial animations, expressions and locals are added this time. You will see great explosions and bullet effects throughout the game. The sound quality is good and the voice acting is very impressive, you will also notice some very good sound tracks during game play. Infamous 2 will get 8.5/10 in graphics quality.

Conclusion: As the ratings indicate, infamous 2 is a great game in terms of everything including story line, game play, graphics and sound. It’s a good addition to the action adventure series and will be able to entertain and satisfy its fans for many years. Because it fulfill all the requirements needed for a good gaming experience.

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