Tips To Buy a Budget Gaming Card

Gaming without a decent graphics card is almost impossible now days, because of the very high graphical standard games coming into the market. The problem is that everyone can’t buy expensive gaming cards because of their low budget. Now the question is that how to buy a graphics card that will suit the today’s modern gaming, keeping the low budget in mind. So we need a gaming card which at least can play all the latest games at medium graphics, if not high.

There are few graphics cards available which can satisfy the basic gaming needs of a today’s hardcore gamer. One of the best budget gaming cards that is available in the market is ATI Radeon HD 4670. The price is approximately $60. It can play games on medium graphics, even some on high as well. Another card that is priced around $60 is Geforce GT 520; it’s also a good 1 but not as good as Radeon HD 4670.

Things to consider before buying a graphics card: Before buying any graphics card, you have to consider the following things.

1. The core clock of the graphics card, the higher the core clock the better will be the graphics card. Because of the better core clock speed your game will run fast. It is one of the basic requirements for a good gaming card.

2. Most of the games requires latest direct x support, so when are buying any card, look at how much the direct x support is available, normally latest games requires direct x 10 support. Although there are few direct x 11 games launched but these are just 4 0r 5 games.

3. Pixel shader is very important for a gaming card, shader model 4 or above is needed to play the latest games.

4. Physx technology is very important; it controls the graphics like explosions etc in the game.

5. Before buying any card, check your motherboard for a graphics slot, whether you have the required slot for the installation of the card or not. Required slots may be PCI express 2.0 or PCI express x16 etc.

6. The most important thing is the price range which should be consider. If you want a budget graphics card then it should not be more than $70.

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  1. So wait, 70 bucks is considered budget? I always kinda figured anything under 200 was still a decent price and within budget. And that over that was generally higher end. Especially if it’s 500-600+