Driver: San Francisco Review

The most exotic and exciting gaming series driver is back once again. But the game has some problems in its franchise and has decreased its reputation in recent years as a franchise. Because of that its game play is also affected as compare to its previous titles. Although the change of publishers to Ubisoft has brought some amazing shift in the game. Driver: San Francisco will appeal to all sort of gamers, with its fresh new take over on the franchise. Because the game is known for its nice game play.

Story Line: Driver San Francisco follows the story of john tanner, which was also utilize in previous game. The story starts when the series villain Charles Jericho takes control over the police truck. When tanner sees Charles Jericho doing this, then he follows his truck and tries to stop him while sitting in his own car. The resulting chase ends with a car crash that leaves tanner exhausted. Story of the game looked slightly out dated, that’s why it will get 5.8/10.

Gameplay: The main feature of the game play is that the tanner can shift into the other driver’s bodies and take control their cars for his own use. It provides plenty of interesting ways to control the races. The open world map provides different sort of races like stunt challenges and free roaming, team races, checkpoints and pursuits.

The interesting thing is that if u makes a mistake during the race, you can switch over to another car, which provides extremely enjoyable game play. Similarly if you take the control of big trucks ahead of the pursuit cars so it can be use for slowing them down. There are many hot cars available in the streets of San Francisco, which can be used for special drifting and stunt events. In driving tactics the mostly emphasis is on the burnout styles and drifts. The game play is excellent, so it will get 8.0/10.

Graphics and sound: The graphics of the game is amazing, which provides some detail in cars, environment and characters. There are some technical issues in graphics like the traffic of the game is not great and looks some time very ordinary. However the most of the other graphics are eye catching. The sound of the game is also good, with some high-quality vice acting and nice effects of car crashes. In graphics section it will get 8.4/10.

Conclusion: Driver San Francisco is not a bad choice by any means, providing with the solid visuals and attractive game play. Surely, the driver fans will not be disappointed as they play this title.

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