Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus ex human revolution is considered to be the most unique and exiting games of the decade. The taste of the game is like an old western role playing game which provides a futuristic experience. The game is released on august 23, 2011. Successfully, it passed the test according to its fans expectations.

Story Line: The story starts when Adam Jensen works for one of the leading industries as a chief of that time, the year will be 2027. During the normal routine the building of that industry is attacked by some mysterious group, and because of which many people give up their lives, but Jensen will be alive. After this disaster, the Jensen comes out to finds the responsible persons for this critical damage. The story is very interesting and keeps you in touch all the time. However it has eight different endings. Great story will add 8.0/10 to human revolution.

Gameplay: The game play is based on multiple missions, in which Jensen will take on the enemies. The mechanics of the game is very good, as Jensen is silent and deadly at the same time. The Jensen has given different weapons for the destruction of the targeted enemies.

Missions are composed of multiple objectives, and the security system of the enemies consists of security guards, cameras, alarms and other things. However you can complete the required objectives without being seen. You will also observe some boss fights during the game play, which will be mandatory to complete. You will be rewarded with the points which will further increase your power and strength, which will make your job a lot easier. Ammo in the game is limited or you can say hard to buy, mostly the game is first person, however the camera sometimes switches to third person. The enemies are deadly and very sharp so you will need some cover. Fantastic game play will get 9.0/10.

Graphics and Audio: Graphics of the game is designed pretty well, mostly you will see dark environment throughout the game. There are plenty of open spaces in the game, like large open grounds. The design of the enemies is fine but the Jensen’s body is designed spectacularly. The voice acting is good, overall sound and music is great. Game graphics and audio will get 8.8/10.

Conclusion: The game gives definitely something fresh and new to play for. Surely, the game will not let their fans down, and they will enjoy the superb game play of the game with its memorable story.

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