How To Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts offer an easier and quicker means to navigate and access a required or favorite folder. It can save your important time and helps you to manage things much faster. Here I will give you some hints how to create your own shortcuts in windows 7, to open frequently accessed files and folders. Surely, it will be easy to use and remember. Follow the below steps to create your shortcuts.

Step 1: Navigate to the folder you want to create the keyboard shortcut for.

Step 2: Create a shortcut of the folder on your desktop. To do this, right click on your folder, choose send to and then select desktop.

Step 3: Now locate the shortcut which you have created on your desktop. It should be labeled “shortcut to {your folder name}.

Step 4: Right click the shortcut folder and select properties.

Step 5: Next, open the shortcut tab and click inside the shortcut key field, the default value of this field is “None”.

Step 6: This is the place where you choose your keyboard shortcuts. However, since many applications use shortcut keys, you need to have a combination of keys which do not conflict with other shortcuts. By using some combination of Ctrl-Shift, Ctrl-Alt, or Shift-Alt, you can avoid conflicts with other programs (which are not likely to use just one of those keys). It is advised that before typing it in the field, you test your desire shortcut without any open windows on your desktop. If nothing happens, you can use the shortcut key.

Step 7: Once you have decided upon your key combination, press that combination with your cursor inside the shortcut key field, and you will see it replace “None”.

Step 8: Save your changes by pressing OK. Test your shortcut key to make sure it works. Remember, the shortcut key will stop working when you delete the shortcut on your desktop.


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