How to Detect a Fake Product

There are many electronic products available in the consumer market, but the only thing that is important for all consumers is the purchase decision. In the decision making process the brand name plays very important role and it forces the consumer to buy some specific product among pool of different brand products. Because the consumer needs quality, not quantity. The problem is that there are many companies which produce fake products and you will have to identify those fake products when you are going to buy something. The companies which produce these fake products tries to give the taste of a real product to the consumer, after purchasing the fake product, the consumer comes to know that the product was not original, but that time water is already gone above the head. So keep counterfeit aspect in mind when are going to buy something, don’t forget to do a complete research about the product and its features before going to buy. Below are the some tips which will be helpful in identifying a fake product.

Ask the vendor

First of all ask from the vendor about the product, whether it is real or fake. Don’t completely rely on the vendor’s call, because sometime they try to make people fool, so there are many more things to look for.

Check out the logo

Check out the original logo on the product, fake product just looks like original but normally they don’t bear original logo. For example, the original logo for Nokia phone looks like “NOKIA” but on a fake Nokia phone it may look like “NOKLA” or “NOCKIA”.

Check the model

Sometime, these fake products able to bear all copy rights and the original logo, but you can still detect it from its model number. In case of mobile phones the model number is very helpful; the fake mobile phone model numbers don’t exist in the list of branded company’s products.

Analyze the hardware

Check the hardware of the product which you are going to buy. Compare the hardware of fake product with the original 1, look for the differences. Sometimes, they look so real that it will be very hard to detect. Generally, the more expensive the fake product is, the more real it will look like.

Study the package

Study the package of the product and check out the whole features. Low packaging will tell you about the fake product. If everything fails, 1 last thing surely tell you, whether the product is original or fake.

Check the performance

Finally, the performance of the product will tell you everything. In case of mobile phones, it’s very easy to identify. The user interface, graphics, sound and fount size of mobile phone will tell you whether it is original or fake. Most of the companies don’t focus on performance of the product, if they do so, then it will be very costly to them. If you do consider all these things, you will definitely be able detect the fake products.

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