Intel Z68 motherboard Review

Intel’s new Z68 Express chipset takes 2nd generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors to the next phase in power evolution. It combines the benefits of previous H67 and P67 chipset designs with over clocking supports for both the CPU and GPU. Moreover, it picks Intel Smart Response Technology, enabling system responsiveness similar to that of a high performance SSD with the capacity and lower cost of a traditional hard drive. To meet enthusiasts’ expectations, Sandy Bridge processors have very capable integrated graphics that are perfect for smooth home entertainment and multimedia. To make the best of those, LucidLogix Virtu offers auto graphics switching technology that lets users enjoy faster HD video transcoding, playback and authoring with Intel Quick Sync video technology alongside dedicated gaming performance from either NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards, all with no comprise. In this regard, there’s really no point getting a new Z68 motherboard that doesn’t come with all these features included out of the box. Aiming to the best serve the interests of PC users, ASUS has purpose-designed its entire Z68 series to ship with native LucidLogix Virtu support on first launch to realize your performance wishes in one complete package that enables the full potential of both integrated and discrete graphics.

Series-wide fast video transcoding and graphics switching support

With ASUS Z68 motherboards, you tap the best of both worlds. Thanks to LucodLogix Virtu, models such as the P8Z68-V PRO enable both integrated and discrete graphics at once, alternating between them as needed. HD video uses integrated graphics without having to run turn on the more energy-consuming discrete graphics card, while the newest PC games in 1080p or higher engage that graphics card for dedicated GPU output.

Big storage and fast solid state speeds

Another new feature of the z68 architecture is Intel’s smart response technology, which uses an installed SSD  drive as a cache for frequently-accessed parts of the OS and other operations. This accelerates access speeds and reduces redundant drive spin to save energy and minimize long-term wear and tear. You get a much smoother system with less delay and shorter loading times, which is definitely a plus.

Exclusive ASUS features: making the right choice into the best choice

The inclusion of the unique ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM digital power design makes hardcore over clocking possible for the true die-hard PC power seeker. Better precision for power delivery and tuning means a greater over clocking range, improved stability and more confidence when tweaking the system. The digital voltage regulators lead  to almost complete elimination of power loss and unmatched efficiency. There’s also the exclusive ASUS UEFI BIOS, which renders old keyboard-only BIOS setups obsolete. This extensible firmware BIOS adds mouse controls and a smooth icon-based graphical interface, so even boot prioritization is made easy with drag and drop, just like in windows.

Home base for your next PC build

The P8Z68-V-PRO and other new motherboards from ASUS do more than exploit the real power of 2nd generation Intel Core processors and the Z68 Express chipset. With their over clocking abilities and energy saving features, they are the finest Z68 motherboards currently available.

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