Gears of War 3 Review

The Xbox 360 is known for its focus on first-person and third-person shooters, with titles such as the Halo series raking in money for the company year after year. However, one of the most dominant franchises on the system has to be Gears of War series. After the first two titles blew away gamers everywhere and redefined the genre, there were great expectations from the final chapter of the saga. With Gears of War 3 finally being released, fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The final entry in the series happens to be the best game that the Xbox 360 has offered to date. The release date of Gear of War 3 is September 20, 2011.

Story Line

Nearly two years after the events of the last game, humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction at the hands of the mighty locust horde. The once mighty and heroic Coalition of ordered Governments (COGs) have now fallen from grace, and the planet of Serra is slowly being consumed by a mutated form of locusts called the Lambent. It is during this plight that the Gears discover a possible cure to the Lambent infection, which is being developed by Adam Fenix, Marcus, father. This sets the team on a quest to track down the scientist and save human race. This time around, the plot is fleshier. It connects you to the subtle intricacies of the world around you, and everything that transpires over the course of the game. Its good story line will give it 8.8/10.


At its core, Gears of War 3 remains the same cover-based shooter that fans love. However, Epic has further refined the single and multiplayer aspect to make this title stand out. Controls feels tighter now, and moving in and out of cover (through a series of tactical rolls) show a greater degree of control over your character. The options to inflict pain upon your opponent feel natural and rewarding, and you will often find yourself straining your eyes to snag the damage-boosting Active Reload bonus.

New weapons such as the Retro Lancer, the Digger and the One Shot are reason enough to experiment with your armament and carve your own play-style.One the other hand, the devastating new silver-back suits make you feel like a one-man army. Enemy types also vary between standard Locust and Lambent Drones to small crab-like nuisances, towering Gunkers and two-story high bosses. Brilliant set pieces and a fast-paced campaign make for a truly memorable experience, and by the time the end game rolls in, you will be feeling like a seasoned  war veteran. As with the previous entries, the multiplayer package is rounded off very nicely. The new Arcade Mode awards points to players that perform the best during missions. Gear of War 3 will get 9.4/10 in its great gameplay.

Audio and visuals

As a game that tells the story of a war-storm planet, Gears of War 3 has a colour palette of mainly greys and browns. But it still looks awesome, and the lighting and particle effects help accentuate the stunning environments. There is a touch of colour here and there, which makes the already great looking character and environmental models stand out. While the Unreal Engine may show signs of stagnation with slow-loading textures and pre-rendered cut-scenes, the overall visual quality of the game is top notch. The voice acting and the audio score also play their part to finish off the intensity of the events taking place around you. The soundboard includes sweeping scores of military buzz and decent depiction of characters. Nice presentation of graphics and audio will add 9.5/10 to the game.


Gears of War 3 provides an epic closing to saga that has single-handedly become one of the most celebrated new franchises in the gaming industry. With a powerful story line, a refined, yet familiar gameplay, and a host of stellar multiplayer options, the heroic mission of the COGs stands as one of the best titles in the market to date.

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