FIFA 2012 Game Review

With millions of fans across the globe, EA Sports FIFA series is the benchmark for all things football. After relentlessly refining the formula and inching closer than ever to the perfect football game, the series newest entry, FIFA 2012, looks set to bring hours of enjoyment with its host of exciting features and an awesome gameplay. The result-FIFA 12 is a powerhouse of a game.


FIFA 2012 Release date: September 27, 2011

Top of the league

Considering how the previous installment was so close to perfection, FIFA 12 had a lot to live up to. Gameplay takes some getting used to; you will have to figure out the mechanics since this one relies more on human interaction than AI assists. That being said, once you master the new Precision Dribbling mechanics, the game opens up for you, keeping you on your toes till the very end. This time around, there is more emphasis on the defensive game, and setting up your defense is crucial. You not only have to actively fight it out on the field as a player, but simultaneously have to manage your team,s placement and order to gain an advantage-watch out, Sir Fergiel if you are not warming up to the new system, don,t panic; you can switch to the previous title,s defensive system. However, this option is unavailable for online gameplay. There is also the new Player Impact Engine that basically provides a unique gaming experience, and has your characters react to situations on the field realistically. Trajectory, momentum, force and other factors are all taken into account by this new system, giving the player more dynamic and interactive feel. Undoubtedly, the solid animations and realistic feel makes the game more enjoyable to play and ultimately give you enhanced control over the ball and the players.

Football a IA Mode

FIFA 12 offers various modes that you can dive into. There is the new career mode that has you managing your club by dealing with issues such as transfers, injuries, player acquisitions, team chemistry and players, retirements. There is a new countdown timer for transfer windows that inform you of signing deals that will expire, with a limited amount of time to sign certain players. The Be A Pro mode returns, where you can create a player from scratch, work up the rankings and eventually become a star player. There is also the ultimate team mode that acts as a card-collecting game, and ensures you have ample fun off the field. Offline gameplay is meaty and gives room for intense gameplay, even in isolation. The online component is where things have improved dramatically. Friendly matches are now easier to create, with the ability to change your formation and tactics before getting in touch with the other party. Players adhering to specific clubs are rewarded with experience points that move them up the charts. All these elements combine to form an incredibly addictive game that you are sure to pour hours into.

Messi or messy?

FIFA 12 is a good-looking game that will truly please you with the level of detail it contains. Character animations all have a surprising level of authenticity to them-despite some minor flaws-thanks to the Player Impact Engine. Information is presented in a more professional and cinematic angle; you will see team banners wave across the screen and a menu full of news as to what is going on within the game. Character models and stadium environments look spectacular, with the crowd contributing equally through jeers and swerves. You can switch between two separate tracks for commentary, both of which provide a decent level of sophistication to the action taking place.


FIFA 2012 is one of those games that will have you hooked for hours, once you get used to the new features. Its overall score in gameplay, design and presentation is 9.0/10, which is great. The core gameplay is addictive and fun. As a game that satisfies your need for all things football, it’s the perfect title for fans to pick up this year and indulge themselves in.

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