Megagate Titan T610 Mobile Review

Considering the price range of Megagate Titan T610, I m going to review this mobile. The build of this phone is satisfactory; although personally, each time I had to charge it, I felt that the charging/USB port would come loose or would break. Due to its slender body, its very easy to hold and use with one hand. Its haptic feedback, however, is a completely different matter; you will often find yourself wrestling with the screen. Similar to the Megagate K510, it does not have any dedicated volume rockers or camera button. However, there are four dedicated touch-sensitive keys (for camera, media player, internet, and message). The phone comes with three back flaps-black, bright yellow, and maroon. The price of Megagate Titan T610 is round about $80 or 6,900 rupees.

Touch screen

Now, let,s discuss the most important aspect of a touchscreen phone-its touch response. The good news is that you just got yourself a touchscreen phone for less than $80 or 7,000 rupees. The bad news is that the touchscreen is slow and inconsistent. Sometimes I had to use my nail to open a file, sometimes my thumb/finger tip, while at other times, I had to practically poke it to make it work. While horizontal swiping worked relatively well, it was an absolute test of patience to use the vertical scroll bar.

Calling and Messaging

With reference to call quality and messaging, the T610 Titan struggles in both areas. The call quality is extremely high-pitched; forcing me to hold the phone at a distance to preserve my hearing-and later my sanity. Messaging on the T610 was also not very comfortable, mainly due to the poor touch response of the T9 keypad. However, like the K510, it got tolerable with time.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the music that I played, though loud, was muffled and managed to wring out a cringe from me every time I ventured to play a song on it. The dual-SIM performance was exactly the same as of the other phones.

Titan T610 Camera Quality

On the brighter side, the 3.2MP camera did not disappoint in daylight photography. I would not recommend it for night-time photography or macro shots though. The camera setting are the same as in any other phone camera of its range; However, the image stabilization feature was sorely missing. The quality of videos is what you would expect from a 3.2MP phone camera. A suggestion – start poking the “stop recording” button a few seconds earlier than required to elicit a response.


This phone is excellent for self-discovery. You can test your patience, memory ( to remember what tricks work for which screen) and perseverance – at a very economical price.

2 thoughts on “Megagate Titan T610 Mobile Review

  1. i found this cell very cool and attractive in only PKR.5100, all features are awesome but only one thing i miss there is no any option for downloading themes and games in this cell. overall everything is cool.

  2. Hello EVERY ONE….
    What a brilliant and best cell phone of MEGAGATE…