Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

Bringing back to life some of the greatest games of the previous console generation, Metal Gear Solid HD collection is a testament to how stellar titles can truly stand the test of time. The disk includes high-definition remakes of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Peace Walker. You can tackle the games in any order you wish, though I suggest you go about it chronological order to get the full experience. Sons of Liberty deals with the events that take place after the first game (not included), and introduces us to a secondary protagonist, Raiden, as he battles to rescue the president of United States from the terrorist group “Sons of Liberty”. Eventually, Raiden crosses paths with series star Solid Snake, and discovers a much larger conspiracy at play. Snake Eater chronicles the story of Naked Snake back to the 1960s, when he was busy fighting a Russian military outfit from waging war against the United States.

Peace Walker continues the story of Naked Snake (now known as Big Boss), as he fledgling mercenary band is call upon to help liberate the people of Costa Rica from the mysterious group referred to as the Peace Sentinels. Sons of Liberty is the weakest of the bunch (narrative wise), but is a great play nonetheless.

Snake Eater shines as the most entertaining, with its riveting and emotionally-charged story line. Several changes have been made to the series, such as refined control setup (the Xbox 360 controls differs from PlayStation 3’s), sharper models and greater texture detail. Since the second and the third installments of the series are based on the special Substance and Subsistence editions, there are plenty of other modes included, such as VR Missions, Snake Tales, and even the original Metal Gear games that were released only in Japan. What’s lacking in Metal Gear Online functionality, though Peace Walker now incorporates online multiplayer for both competitive and cooperative modes. Peace Walker also benefits from the use of a second analogue stick and the ability to transfer saves across the PlayStation Portable and PS3.

Finally, new Achievements and Trophy support has been added in the newer consoles. The game boasts high production value, and aside from some odd models and animations. Looks absolutely beautiful in HD. Going hand-in-hand is the voice work, which touts some of the best in the business. David Hayter’s gruffly take on the Snake is as amazing as ever. The HD revival of the series shows that Metal Gear Solid is a powerhouse franchise that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. If you are a stickler for action games with larger-than-life story-lines, and have missed out on these games, or simply want to relive the experience, this HD collection is a must have.

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