Sonic Generations Game Review

As one of the most recognizable icons in gaming, Sonic has a special place in the hearts of just about anyone who grew up in the 90s. The speedy spinner fought head-to-head with Nintendo’s quintessential mascot-Mario – back in the day, but the blue hedgehog has seen a shocking slump in popularity over the years. Aiming to learn from past mistakes and bridge the gap between the old and new, Sonic Generations takes a bold leap to deliver pretty much the best Sonic experience in nearly a decade.

Sonic Generations Release Date: November 1, 2011

Story Line

The game involves a time-rift created on Sonic’s birthday that throws the characters across the various eras of Sonic’s storyline. Sonic himself is thrown into as eerie place known as the White Zone that’s connects all the different time-warps. Here, Sonic and trail meet past versions of themselves, straight out of the Saga Genesis days. The two Sonics then race against time to rescue their friends and get everything back to normal. The story of Sonic Generation will get 7.8/10.

Gameplay of Sonic Generations

The concept is a great excuse to mix gameplay between the two generations, and brings back everything we loved about Sonic – fast-paced action and platforming gameplay. The game sports a total of nine zones (seven for the 3DS version), each with multiple acts borrowed from past entries. In one act, you control Classic Sonic while the other is devoted to Modern Sonic’s gameplay.

This allows for an interesting mix of mechanics that appeal to a greater audience. Classic Sonic speeds through 2D environments utilizing the spin-dash ability and playing exactly like he did in the original entries in the series. Modern Sonic, on the other hand, mixes up the action with switches between 2D and 3D sections making use of homing attacks, boosts and slides. Controlling both Sonics is natural and intuitive, with easy switching between the two styles. This heavily adds to the controls, which feels highly responsive and give a perfect sense of speed and precision, and that’s what the Sonic franchise is all about. New levels are also a major highlight of the game, as you will find multiple ways to blast through the environments at breakneck speed. Packed in are various side quests, online modes such Time Attack and 30-seconds challenge, and a Skill Shop for a various goodies. Sonic Generations will get 8.4/10 in its great gameplay.

Visuals and sound

The visuals and sounds of the game are brilliant, with the game pulling out old Sonic levels and giving them a glorious HD facelift. There are neat touches such as swaying grass and trees, tons of colours and special sound effect that enhance the experience; and the first zone of the game injects an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The game also supports stereoscopic 3D effects for those looking to push for an extra dimension of speed. Presentation of graphics and audio will get 8.6/10.


In summary, Sonic’s outing on his 20th anniversary is a game that fans of the series will thoroughly enjoy. If indications are anything to go by, Sonic Generations is all set to light a bright future for the Sega mascot.

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