Megagate K510 Trackpad Review

As a chronic phone dropper and a pathological phone loser, I have repeatedly gone through the order of buying ridiculously-expensive phones. So when I was given the chance to test out mobile phones by Megagate (a Dubai-based company), I gladly took it upon myself to review them. Finally, a chance to explore inexpensive feature phones with some surprising bonus features. This phone caters to those looking for an inexpensive messaging phone. The build of the K510 is better than its counterparts – as long as you avoid nitpicking and scrutinizing it. Although initially it was annoying to type using the protruded keys, I eventually got accustomed to them. I found the interface very user-friendly and consistent, with standard options available for customization. Although the call quality was good in general, with no lag or muffled audio, sudden line drops were quite frustrating (though, it’s possible that this was due to network problems). The 2MP camera is nothing to write home about; the images are grainy, and there is no image stabilization.

In all recent alternate-brand phones, dual-SIM capability seems to be a constant. After rigorously testing out this feature, which involved attending a call from SIM 1 and attempting to receive a call on SIM 2; and putting a call on hold on SIM 1, while sending a message from SIM 2, I can safely say that only the latter worked smoothly. However, the option to make/receive calls from both the SIMs ( separately of course) can be quite handy for people who need to carry two SIMs, but would prefer a single handset.

All was going well with this “BlackBerryish” phone, until it decided to die on me (read: me failing to charge it, and it turning off due to battery depletion). The power off (and on) sound was something that I had never heard before. It was clunky, screamed of a cheap make, and was a total spoiler to an otherwise (relatively) smooth experience. I would strongly advise to keep the phone on silent if you expect the battery to die out anytime. While the ringtone/message alerts were of passable quality, listing to other audio files was nothing short of pure agony.


Out of all the (Megagate) phones tested, I found this phone the most comfortable to use. By this phone if you are short of cash, and want a phone that will serve you well – while it lasts, of course.

Megagate K510 Trackpad Price in Pakistan: 5,100 Rs.

One thought on “Megagate K510 Trackpad Review

  1. Syed Mehroz Alam says:

    Does this phone stores sent messages in sent items? I have tried QMobile’s Q3i but was quite disappointed to see that it does not had Sent Items.