Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Sony has a great line-up of console-exclusive titles that really push its system’s sales. However, every gamer would agree that the one game that compels everyone to buy a PS3 is that Uncharted series. After introducing us to the charming and witty Nathan “Nate” Drake and his excellent supporting cast in the first game, Naughty Dog threw in a big budget production to squeeze out every drop of potential that it could out of the PlayStation 3, to deliver Uncharted 2 – one of the best selling games on PS3. The recently-released Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, however, stands as probably the best offering for anyone owning a PlayStation 3. Uncharted 3 has been released on November 1, 2011

Storyline of Uncharted 3

Drake’s Deception starts off much like Uncharted 2. The plot centers on Nate’s latest adventure. Where he discovers that the ring of Sir Francis Drake is actually the key to the mythical lost of Ubar (also known as Iram of the Pillars). Nate’s journey mainly incorporates the findings of Sir Francis as well as T.E. Lawrence, and has him race across the unforgiving Rub’ AL-Khali desert before the devious. Katherine Marlowe unravels its secrets. While the story brings the same kind of moxie and intrigue fans expect, it primarily shows the different relationship developed over the course of its narrative, particularly between Nate and his mentor Sully. To its credit, the script does a brilliant job of satisfying players and connecting them to the characters on-screen.

Gameplay of Uncharted 3

We have all come to expect a lot from Naughty Dog, especially since the ‘train sequence’ from Uncharted 2. Fortunately, Nate’s latest outing has tons of epic movements to blow players’ minds. The mechanics still work the same way, with Nate utilizing a variety of weapons to dispatch foes in combat.

A few mechanics (like grenade throwing and melee combat) have been updated. But the gun-play remains similar to the standard cover-based shooter. The storyline is fairly linear, and is split across 20-plus chapters with plenty of missions. Sometimes it’s clearing an area full of enemies or traversing the environment; at other times, it’s solving puzzles to make headway. All aspects of the game have been well-blended this time around, resulting in a fluid experience. Naughty Dog has taken a cue from its previous games and has provided even more exciting moments in Uncharted 3. Throughout the course of the game, players fight it out on top of buoys at a dock, inside a sinking tanker, in the cargo hold of an airplane, while riding horses and jumping across trucks. The levels show great design and creativity, and place vertically as an important factor in its blueprint, which only amps up the excitement. While the single-player format is more or less the same, the multiplayer play is where the game has improved the most. Naughty Dog had already had a great list of multiplayer options in Uncharted 2, but this time the refinements are across the board. Multiplayer mode has a variety of the standard death match, elimination, plunder and capture-the-flag options, with the new addition being the buddy system that allows a random player or friend to join your game. As your co-operative, his position is identified on the map, and you can spawn next to him – as long as he is alive. Also included is the new Co-op adventure mode that adds a new dynamic to the Uncharted co-operative experience. Boosters in the multiplayer suit have been refined, with several options to choose from as the player makes progress. In addition, special perks called Medal Kickbacks are granted to players who achieve a specific number of medals in the game, and given access to powerful weapons like the SAS-12 shotgun, RPG-7, and the T-Bolt Sniper. There is also a new power-play option that grants the loosing team a chance to make a dramatic comeback by introducing new game elements. Outside of combat, the multiplayer allows you to customize your gear and character skin, join matches in progress, and even provide a video editor that uploads your multiplayer games to YouTube or Facebook.

Visuals and audio

The first Uncharted showed what the PlayStation hardware could do in its infancy. The second one pushed the graphical elements beyond anyone expectations. Uncharted 3, however, exceeds them both. While not much has been changed, the overall look and feel of the game is unparalleled in the industry. Character animations are slick and well-detailed, despite the new animations creating control issues. The voice acting is impeccable and makes the characters seem real. Nathan Drake is as cocky as ever, and Catherine Marlowe comes off as a manipulating character, who adds her own charm to the storyline.


As far as games today go, the Uncharted series has set the standard for what shooters with high-production values and fantastic execution can bring to the table. Uncharted 3 is indeed a gem of a game that trumps its predecessors. Even though the campaign is short, the multiplayer mode is where your money’s worth is. All arguments aside, if you own a PlayStation 3, you have to get this game.

Uncharted 3 Ratings

Storyline: 9.8/10    Design: 9.5/10    Gameplay: 9.1/10    Presentation: 9.8/10                     Overall score: 9.5/10

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