Gadgets and Technologies Expected in 2012

Every year starts with a lot of anticipation for techies; tech giants are expected to introduce new and Improved products that fulfill consumer needs, and consumers, in return, look forward to Innovations that would simplify their lives. This year is no different. So let’s take a look at some of the expected and rumoured tech products of 2012. The products listed in this article are either confirmed, expected, or Just rumoured to be released this year.

The 6th generation iPhone (iPhone 5)

Ever since the launch of the original iPhone, Apple has brought some serious competition to the touch market – especially with its yearly generational updates to the iPhone. Last year, we saw the Introduction of the iPhone 4S (I did a hands-on review in Spider’s December 2011 issue). It was an improvement on the ‘Phone 4, but people expected more. So it is almost certain that Apple will incorporate competitive elements into the next ‘Phone, rumoured to be the “iPhone 5”.

3rd generation iPad (iPad 3)

After the release of the iPad 2, tablet manufacturers have been working day and night to beat the standard set by Apple, but it seems that Apple refuses to cut them some slack. Here’s a list of expectations from the next generation iPad (rumoured to be the iPad 3). Understandably, not all of these wishes would come true.

  • Better display (just like iPhone’s ‘retina display’, or perhaps Super AMOLED)
  • Higher capacity (128GB and above)
  • Better camera
  • 4G capability
  • A smaller version (a 7-inch tablet) in addition to the new iPad

15″ MacBook Air

Undoubtedly, MacBook Air is one of the most attractive and good looking laptops in the market right now, but there’s just one problem – users aren’t big on its screen size. However, the rumour-mill’s been turning with the news that Apple might be rolling out a 15-inch model in 2012. Though many might argue that the additional two inches won’t make much of a difference, Apple fan boys seem keen to see a new addition to the Apple brood.

Flexible displays

Get ready, because the display market is going to get twisted! Recently, Samsung and Nokia presented their new flexible mobile screens; and it’s a possibility that the two tech giants will unleash smartphones with flexible screens this year. This is a whole new dimension in the world of mobile technology, and a new way of interacting with one’s phone. Though flexible displays seem very exciting, there is still confusion about how they would add to a device’s functionality. Meanwhile, Samsung has not yet commented on the possibility of physical manipulation of its devices, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to roll your HDTV, put it in your briefcase, and go to work.

Wii U

Expected to see a release sometime after March-April this year, the Wii U would be the successor to the famous motion- controlled gaming console, Wii, by Nintendo. Features include 1080p gaming graphics, and a new type of controller that would work as a standalone console as well.

Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, and Kinect 2

Of course, no year is complete without the introduction of new gaming consoles. Last year, we saw the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS; this year, rumours hint at the introduction of either a redesigned Xbox 360, or the much anticipated Xbox 720. And if that fantasy is for real, we can expect the PlayStation 4 to be not too far behind. And why should a Kinect 2 be left out?

The Xbox 720 specs:

  • A hex-core CPU architecture
  • 2GB RAM
  • Unspecified dual cross-fire AMD cards

PlayStation 4’s expected features:

  • An eco-friendly make with 60 per cent recyclable materials
  • 1.5TB hard drive
  • Full 3D and 3D Blu-Ray support with 4IQ2K compatibility
  • 32nm 8-Core Cell processor with 16 SPEs, along with a 22nm Kepler
  • Minimum 2GB RAM

Microsoft’s Kinect 2, on the other hand, is expected to monitor emotions and read our lips. Read this: Awesome!

Windows 8 Public Beta

So far, we’ve been discussing tech gadgets, but how can we forget upcoming software and operating systems. You’ll be pleased to know that the Windows 8 Public Beta is expected to be available next month. Windows 8 will be a successor to (the very successful) Windows 7, and will have noticeable changes and major improvements (not to mention, nuisances) over Windows 7. It will also feature the ‘Metro’ interface, which is well-suited for tablets and netbooks. Looks like someone is taking on the tablet OS market this year! Also, the fact that it supports ARM processors will be a huge advantage for the Windows 8 market. Although the beta won’t be flawless, it will give us a fair idea of what to expect from the real thing. Those who have tried the Developer Preview might know most of the features. There will be minor glitches, but it will be a good choice as a secondary OS on your computer!

There are, of course, several other gadgets to mention, but it’s virtually impossible to cover them all. Which one you are looking forward to the most?

Disclaimer: All specs have been compiled from speculations and rumours in the community, They may or may not hold valid at the time of reading.

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