Trine 2 Game Review

As we keep saying, indie games are all the rage in the market these days. With their creative ideas and limited budget and development cycles, the indie-game market has seen some exceptional titles that have captivated audiences not only with their charm and personally, but also due to their innovative game mechanics. Joining the ranks of such games is Trine 2, the sequel to 2009’s runaway hit game. It has an interesting premise, some truly entertaining gameplay and beautiful visuals. That being said, the story of the game is nothing to write home about; the three main characters (the wizard, thief, and the knight) from the first game all cross paths once again after rediscovering the Trine, and set out on a quest to raid a mythical land overrun with goblins and to save an imprisoned princess. While the plot doesn’t do the game any favors, the puzzle-platforming and action elements offer a great  deal of enjoyment. For starters, the game works on all the same principles as before: three characters are bound into a single body by the Trine, and can manifest themselves in order to make progress throughout the game, in the single-player campaign, you can switch between the three characters at the press of the button, while the co-up mode lets you pick one to fulfill your role, and makes things a lot more accessible, easier and fun. The emphasis here is on puzzle-solving, using the tools that you have rather then plugging through mindlessly. Trine 2 definitely does a brilliant job at carrying the series formula forward.

The Gameplay doesn’t have any major additions to it (with the exception of an online Multiplayer mode), but feels more refined and well thought-out this time around. The puzzles are smarter, and the fights are simpler and infrequent. The truly exceptional aspect of Trine 2 is the visual presentation. Environments are lush and beautiful, displaying plenty of color and personality and making full use of bloom lighting and highly-dynamic range models. Add to that the well-crafted music and voice-acting, and you have yourself a charming little game that totally sells on its fantasy setting atmosphere to the fullest. Trine 2 may only have subtle changes to its credit, but it is packed with plenty of enhancements that ultimately make it a captivating experience. It may be a short campaign, but if you have an appetite for interesting Gameplay and gorgeous visuals, consider adding this title to your collection.

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