ASUS P9X79 Motherboards – Review and Performance

Control is very important in a motherboard, and DIY experts always look for boards that put power in your hands. Better control means improved tuning, which in turn opens up overclocking possibilities. ASUS’ new P9X79 motherboards cover many aspects of control. With extensive overclocking features for both the CPU and DRAM, they provide the finest computing experience, made even more effortless by the intuitive UEFI BIOS and one-click SSD Caching system boost.

Added levels of control and tuning

The P9X79’s give you control opportunities in every way, featuring the most detailed and considerate design of any X79 motherboard. Here are some of the highlights you should keep in mind.

Triple digital power controls

Asus has embedded new DIGI+ Power Control CPU and DRAM digital voltage controllers on the board, two for the DRAM, and one for the CPU. You can use these to adjust voltages and switching frequencies for different over clocking scenarios. New DRAM turning possibilities allow you make the most of DDR3 memory for ultimate performance with VCCA load line calibration and 30% more DRAM current capacity. Over clocking the memory is easier than ever before, plus it can be pushed further performance. All of these features can be accessed via UEFI BIOS to ensure complete control, while digital power conversion and fast voltage sensing equate with greater Vcore stability.

Easy BIOS Control

ASUS has updated the exclusive UEFI BIOS with new features. There‘s an F12 BIOS snapshot hot-key and an F3 system info shortcut, so you get insight into system conditions and can make alterations as need. DRAM serial Presence detects, faulty DIMM detection, and POST troubleshooting are all excellent features that make building a new PC on X79 easy and rewarding. You even get USB BIOS Flashback, which allows for BIOS fleshing in seconds from any USB storage device while on stand power, even without key components such as the CPU and memory installed. So if anything goes wrong with a build or an over clock, correction are easy.

It’s all about speed

Excluding ASUS SSD Caching offers a streamlined hybrid design that combines great speed with big capacities. It kick off with on click, no rebooting needed, and testing shows us that it’s around three times than mechanical hard drives.

For connectivity, ASUS P9X79 boards have BT GO3.0!, a multi-mode WI-FI manager that combines functionalities such as instant data syncing and using Bluetooth devices as remote controls, all in one utility. It also allows for more devices to be connected with no extra adopters. You will be especially impressed with USB 3.0 boost, and ASUS exclusive that adds UASP support to USB 3.0, resulting in up to 170% faster data speeds. When used with compatible devices, the increase is really noticeable.

Moving on to Next-generation

Don’t forget the P9X79’s finally bring us many developments we have been waiting years for; Quad-channel DDR3 memory on mainstreaming boards, PCI Express 3.0 (at last!), native multi-GPU acceleration, and much more. Time for a New PC!

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