Video Games and Accessories – R4 Cards and PS3 Accessories

Nintendo games are among the most popular video games in the world. The accessories for these video games are very important. These video games accessories are as follows:

Repair parts of NDSL, Charger power of NDSL, Protective cover of NDSL/NDS, Accessories of NDSi.

The Nintendo console used for playing games, come in all sorts of colors like pink, red, blue etc. There are several extras that are obtained along with the console. An extra charger is provided and also a gift box which is stylish. A bag for DSi is also provided along with the video game console and a stylus as well. Coming to the PS3 accessories, there are loads of them. Some of the most popular PS3 accessories are PS3 Controller, PS3 Move Accessories.

Some of the most common move accessories are:

  • PS3 Move light gun (available in many colors)
  • Power switch
  • Move controllers
  • Move starter bundle
  • Move Shield
  • Move motion controller
  • Bow and arrow
  • Dual charging stand

R4 cards have been designed to suit gaming in Nintendo mainly. R4 cards are also known as DS cards or R4 DS cards. These cards shall not work on those consoles that are DSi or DSi XL or even in 3DS consoles. Memory cards of up to 2GB memory can be combined with R4 cards of type R4 DS V2. These cards should not be used on other consoles. The R4 cards belonging to the R4 DSHC category can support up to 32GB memory cards to be combined with them. The R4 cards shall not work without the presence of a memory card as otherwise you shall have to download the software and install it on your own.

The Nintendo DS cards that are used for video games are of different types. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Ace card 3 Card with 4GB memory card
  • Ace card 3 Card with 8GB memory card.
  • M3i Zero 3DS
  • R4i 3DS Card for Nintendo 3DS console

Nintendo and XBOX are types of consoles for playing different types of video games. The gaming controllers are the most important tool and they take all the toll of your gaming and so their life span is pretty short. There are several types of peripherals available in video gaming devices. The efficiency of video gaming consoles always depends on the type of video games that you possess. The batteries for Wireless headsets and joysticks are bound to have short lives. The Play and Charge kit provided by Microsoft is one of the best options available.

PS3 accessories are widely used. Sony has produced several innovative accessories. They include controllers and devices for input/output like microphones and video cameras. Cables are also provided. They enhance the quality of sound and visuals. Some of them are as follows:-

  • True Blue Jailbreak Dongle
  • PS3 Hub
  • PS3 Modchip
  • Wireless Dualshock

R4 cards are types of cards that belong to slot-1 category. They possess stunning storage capacities. Though they look similar, each R4 card differs from the other one. The type of R4 card to be chosen also depends on the type of console in which it is to be used. There are different R4 cards for Nintendo consoles of DSi, 3DS and so on. A memory card has to be coupled with the R4 card as the R4 card cannot work on its own.  The capacity of the memory cards that are used range from 2GB to 32GB.

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