How to Get your Girlfriend to Play Video Games

Chances are you have been accused of seeing someone else and that someone else just happens to be your game console. Your girlfriend is jealous of your attention being directed toward your game playing and not on her. She doesn’t understand and is constantly nagging you about spending too much time in front of the screen and not enough with her. Face it, you don’t plan on changing and your only hope is to recruit her and show her the light of the Halo glow. Here are some ways to get your girlfriend to crossover:

Find out why she doesn’t play: First things first, find out why she hates these games so much. You will find out it mostly comes from three common complaints: ‘I don’t get it’, ‘I am not good at it’ and ‘My ex spent all his time playing games’. You can address each with an open mind and heart. If she doesn’t get it, show her why it can be fun. If she isn’t good at it, tell her you would love to teach her. And finally if her former deadbeat boyfriend was obsessed with games, show her how you are different than he was.

Find something she likes: Start with fun, easy games. Most likely the gory first shooter games will not be her favorite. Try something like Mario Brothers to begin with. Let her get a little taste of how fun video games can be. Take a trip to the local video game store and let her browse, ask her what she would like to play. Girls love presents.

Girly-fy it: It sounds like a sin, to ‘girly-fy’ your video game playing, but trust me, it works. Buy her, her own remote, pink. Let her design her avatar; show her all the things she can do with it. Let her play girly games.

Start Slow: Start off by playing one day a week for an hour. Start on a weekend when she has nothing better to do. Then once she starts picking it up you can make it her new habit.

Advertise it as spending time together: She is always talking about how you guys never spend time together. Tell her this is a great way to learn communication with each other. Video gaming can be a fun couple’s activity.

Make it a work out: Your lovely lady states that video games are a waste for time and a great way to gain weight. Prove her wrong. Sports Wii is here to save the day! Play an hour of that and watch her change her tune.

Reward her: This is where you have to be giving and willing to do what she wants. If she spends time with you or allows you to play video games without interruptions, you must be willing to exchange the favor. That means shopping on a Saturday without the complaining. It’s only a fair trade. And we all know it is about compromise.

You now have useful tips to convert your girlfriend. And if all else fails, she will at least cut down on the nagging and allow you to play in peace. Happy gaming!

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