Are You Obsessed with Gaming?

Ahh video games. They’re you’re lifeline. You love everything about them, from the first magical scene when you start a new game to the feeling of total domination when you complete every level. Your friends keep telling you you’re obsessed but they just don’t get it – what you have is passion. Are you obsessed though? If you’re guilty of any of these things you just might be obsessed with gaming:


1. You find yourself taking 5 Hour Energy drinks throughout the night to finish a level. Sleep is not even an option right now; the only option is to finish the game. Sure you might need multiple energy drinks throughout the night and then multiple cups of coffee once the morning hits, but you’re going to finish that level regardless of what it takes.

2. You haven’t seen the sun in weeks. What day is it? What month is it even? You can’t remember the last time you fell asleep at a normal hour, much less left the house. It’s been so long since you’ve been outside that your front lawn is starting to resemble a jungle and your neighbors are worried you just up and left. The reality? You’ve been so hung up on finally finishing the latest video game phenomenon that everything else has taken a back seat for the time being.

3. Your TV remote, flashlights, and cordless tools may not have batteries anymore but your controller always has life. Those things don’t really need batteries do they? Of course not. On the other hand your gaming success hinges on your controller being in prime working condition, and that means the batteries can never go dead!

4. You’ve used all your sick/vacation days to get in line early for new video game releases. It’s a good thing you have so much paid time off because this has been an awesome year for new releases and you’ve managed to be the first in line for all them. Who needs to go on an actual vacation when you can be transported to a different place, time, and world from the comfort of your couch? AND you get to shoot people in the process. We call that winning.

5. You have no idea what your best friends look like IRL. Sure you may have never met in real life and you may only know them by their screen name, but you guys are best friends nonetheless. Who needs real life friendships when all of your soul mates are just one flip of the “on” button on your gaming console away?

If any of these things are true for you then you just might be obsessed with gaming. And sure, it may be true that you’ve been wearing the same outfit for weeks and your couch has a perfect impression of your body imprinted into it. However I’d take a gaming obsession over a lot of other addictions out there…

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