5 Top Phone Apps for Your Smartphone

With the wide range of apps available these days, smartphone users have their choice of many quality programs. One of the best areas is in communication, and many programmers have concentrated on making it easy to connect with other users for free. While there are many apps that will perform this service, there are five that really stand out from the field.

The first is Google Voice, which is able to feature real-time functionality with its package. This means that you can get those important voices and text messages the instant they arrive. Earlier versions of the software could only check on new messages at intervals of fifteen minutes. Now however, messages can be displayed in an instant thanks to a new feature called inbox synchronization that is easy to activate on any Smartphone.

International phone calls can also be made using the Google phone number. And for text users, this service is now free with Google voice.

The second program to be featured is called Fring. It also is capable of making calls to other users. The software has also been upgraded, with a new profile screen, the addition of a dialer and a fresh look for the buddy list. This has helped to increase the popularity for users along with the call making capability. Most clients are impressed with the changes made to the buddy list. It shows a contacts’ picture and mood on the display screen.

You are able to customize your onscreen profile with the addition of a picture along with a mood indicator too. This is all topped off with a phone number and email address, making it easier for friends to contact you. Most of the improvements have been in voice quality and the elimination of bugs that hindered earlier versions of this product.

Skype is another program that has gained in popularity among Smartphone users. It allows users to see which of their contacts are online immediately upon signing in to the program. Messages can be sent using either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection mode.

You also receive amazing call quality with this app. There are some occasions when the connection is sketchy, but for a free service is overall pretty good. While Skype is physically pleasing, it is also very easy to navigate and the menus are clear and bright.

Fourth on the list is Guava and this service also boasts service for free using either your Google Voice or Gizmo5 account. It will also let you receive calls through Google Voice as long as a valid Internet connection is present. Text messages can be sent to U.S. phone as well, which is good news for heavy texters.

Finally, Viber is another app that lets users make calls with either 3G or Wi-Fi connections. It too has a free texting feature. Any Viber user can make unlimited calling or texting to another Viber subscriber on his Smartphone.

There are many unique features such as pop-ups to notify of a text being received and a full call screen as well. Viber can be set up as your default dialer on your Smartphone. There are a great many ways to communicate for free; it is your choice to find one ideal for your new Smartphone.

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  1. Track cell Phone says:

    All the apps are good but skype is the best because we freely in this app.

  2. Skype tops the list I think.