How to Set Up a New Computer Through Cloud Computing

“Cloud computing” or just “Cloud” has recently become the hot topic. You get to hear lots of people talking about it and how well it is working for them. It makes one wonder whether it is as easy as it seems to start using the cloud. Well, yes it is really as easy as it seems. However, there are some things you need to lookout for.

For the sake of clarity and understanding, here is an insight into what a “cloud” is about.

What is “Cloud”

Cloud is a service that allows you access to official documents without necessarily being inside your office. This option is provided to you by companies that specialize in cloud computing.

How the cloud is setup and what it does is not relevant to you as a user. All you have to be concerned about is how easily you can access the information you need. Besides, there is sufficient security over the cloud and your data will be protected from threats. Of course, there will be need for caution and installation of certain software applications for you to use the cloud. These will help you setup your computer for the cloud.

Setting up a New Computer

The first step is to make sure the computer fulfills the requirements for cloud computing. The most important is updates for OS X. You will also need to install Chrome, Pixelmator and Sparrow. You will also need to install SugarSync and Evernote. That makes it a total of five software applications you need for setting up a new computer for the cloud. Though, TextExpander is also recommended because of its usefulness. For those who depend on it, you will understand why it is recommended.

After this you need to setup folders from scratch. This helps keep things in order and maintains proper workflow. You can keep these folders is categories like Achieved, Docs, Website Docs, Working Docs or Worked Docs. These simple and self explanatory labels help you find documents you need without hassle. You can place files according to their status and need. SugarSync provides more space to save items than a DVD or CD.

Therefore, creating folders makes them easily accessible on the sidebar of the Finder. Synchronizing them with the SugarSync account is a great idea. Over the cloud you will also get easy access to these folders no matter where you are. You don’t need to fear losing information because of the cloud. You computer is always protected while you use the cloud.

The next thing you need to do is change the desktop wall paper. You can put any that suits you. Some people especially prefer the Apple with OS X 10.7. Others prefer the Wood wall paper. It doesn’t have any technically significant role to play, as far as software application is concerned. It simply improves the outlook of your computer system.

You can also include the Slacker if you are a music lover. This application helps you manage the stream of the videos. Pages are also recommended for management of documents, though Google Docs is a better option. You can also use TextEdit as a default app for daily writing you will share on the cloud.

Make sure you install Skype, Twitter and other communication applications. These are important for success on the cloud. Remember that there are many other users that will use the cloud. Through these applications most people market their brands. Communication is the key to marketing and through the cloud you make things a lot better.

With things organized while setting up a new computer, you will be able to save a lot of space. Installing all these software applications will mean that your computer must have good speed. Without this you computer will not be compatible with the cloud.

Therefore, instead of using an older computer for cloud computing, a new computer is much easier to setup. Besides, with the old computer, you will have to change the operating system. Moreover, you may need to change the hard disk to one with more capacity, if there is less space. Therefore, using a new computer is definitely better.

If you have more questions about cloud computing, computers and internet. There are other better and more efficient applications you can install to enjoy using the cloud.

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