How to Put Tech Stuff to Innovative Uses

You might have often marveled at the plethora of tech stuff that is available today. However, have you ever tried to use something for an entirely different purpose, other than what it is intended for? Most of us don’t even realize the fact that, with little creativity, many things around us can be used for some other purpose(s) as well. The same applies to technology items; whether they are brand new or obsolete. Today, I will highlight some very innovative uses of some of the tech items that you might have lying around, gathering dust.

Shed some light and stay cool

These days when electricity load shedding is at its peak, one needs to have some source of air (fan) – and light when it’s dark. Instead of keeping a torch and handheld fan with you all the time, you can simply use a couple of tech items. Clearly, you can use your mobile phone as an emergency light replacement. Just turn up the brightness, or if you have a phone with a built-in-flash for the camera, you can simply switch it on to get some light. As far as the need for some air is concerned, get one of those ‘notebook cooling pads’ (be sure to get the one with a fan in it), plug it into your USB port, and you have got some (electronically) fresh air. Keep your laptop charged, though!

Floppy fun

If you have been a geek since the 90s (or early 2000s), you might have a collection of rather useless 3.5” floppy disks. However, you can always use them for alternate purpose. This can be used as drinking cup/mug lids or coasters. It does look quite geeky when you are sitting on your disk, with a glass of water on it, covered with a floppy disk. Apart from this, you can come up with several other DIY uses for these floppy disks, such as making a pen holder. Just glue five disks together, and you have got yourself a pen holder.

Alternate reflections

If you ever feel the need to peek behind your desktop to see if you’re plugging a wire correctly or not, you could use a mirror. In this case, a CD can be used as one. You can even use a CD or a DVD to see how you’re looking, and whether or not your hairstyle needs adjustment. Just keep one in your bag, and use it whenever you need to have a look at yourself.

Twists and bends

Do you have a lot of wires lying around the house? Most of them might be broken earphone cords, LAN wires, telephone wires etc. Well, now you can use these faulty wires as a replacement for strings and ropes to tie things together. Of course, they might not as strong as ropes, but they can still serve the purpose. You can also use wires as a clothesline for drying clothes. So, what are you waiting for, get some wires together and do your laundry!

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