Angry Birds Space Game Review

The multicolored birds are back to retrieve their eggs, and, they’re as angry as ever in Rovio’s newest entry, Angry Birds Space. By now, the Angry Birds have become a cultural phenomenon and have really helped push mobile gaming in promising new directions. Yet, for some, the formula was beginning to get a little state. Angry Birds Space puts a new spin on the tried and true method of taking down pigs using a slingshot and some very cross birds.

The new game brings in the elements of gravitational pull in space and movement in a vacuum, which changes the dynamics of play a bit. You’ll now have to account for your birds travelling in a straight line when in a vacuum and orbiting around a planet in order to pull off some tricky shots. This new shift in a dynamics is a refreshing turn and couldn’t have come at a better time.

You will get the usual variety of birds such as the standard red ones, the exploding black one and so on, with a few new additions. Each puzzle demands a little creative thinking and will require you to orbit around multiple planets, drop asteroids onto your enemies, or even simply pushed them into the atmosphere and let gravity take care of the rest.

The graphics and sound are everything you’d expect from an Angry Birds game. While the smaller view will tick some players off, the comical looks and sound effects are hilarious in their own right and bring out the appeal of the game. Rovio has done a fantastic job at reinventing everyone’s favorite smartphone/tablet game. Surely, the result is an addicting new adventure that you’re sure to sink plenty of hours into.

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  1. I didn’t see any other app in the marketplace other than Angry Birds that was worth buying.