iNavigation – The Easy Way to Know Your Way

So let’s say you are taking a long car journey to your grandmother’s house, which had suddenly fallen ill. You rushed out packing nothing but some clothes, your toothbrush, and your iPhone. Then, like most incidents, you end up in the middle of nowhere and unfortunately your gas is running out. In these kinds of situations, an individual wishes to have something that can just get them out of all their miseries.

Well lucky enough, there are companies like App Empire in this world who creates apps specifically made for your iPhone, so that you can always get help in times where there is trouble.  In this type of crisis, the app which is needed is called the one and only Telenav GPS.  Without a doubt, this version of the app is the most reliable and very easy to use. Not only does this app provide you with accurate directions, it also states the turn-by-turn directions by speaking to you. In addition to that, the speaker is not that annoying old computer voice that is seemingly never understood by anyone. It is pure human voice installed, which is so clear that you will never have to look back at your iPhone and check what was really said to you.

Now that you know this app speaks to you, you will be very happy to know that this app also allows you to speak to it. The voice command on this app allows you to speak your destination and not waste your time typing it, this feature makes it completely straightforward to use. Now that this is all cleared, let me tell you how you can get this magical app straight into your hands.

The first thing you have to do is obviously own an iPhone. On the iPhone, there will be an app provided for you called ‘App Store’. When you click on this app, there will be five options open for you to click. The first option is called ‘featured’, then comes the ‘categories’, then the ‘top 25’, then ‘research’, and lastly ‘updates’.  As of now, the ‘Telenav GPS’ is listed in the ‘top 25’ option, and in the ‘top paid’ category. All you have to do is click on the ‘Telenav GPS’ that is listed, and for an amazing price of 99 cents, you can download it.

After you have this app ready and running, you will be able to get 30 days of premium service. Once again, this will include, the spoken turn-by-turn directions, if you ever miss a turn, it comes with automatic rerouting. Voice command also comes with this service. After 30 days, this voice navigation app may still be enjoyed for only $2.99 a month. Or you can even take advantage of the special promo offer. This offer will get you one whole year of voice navigation for just the small price of $9.99. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss the chance! Even if you don’t wish to subscribe after 30 days, you will still get all the benefits of Telenav GPS. This includes, non-voice guided directions, free maps, and much more.

With the Telenav GPS, you will get the following: turn-by-turn directions to wherever you want to go, with the integrated search you can search for so many different places for example, the nearest supermarket, and you will always get updated maps for absolute no cost, and morning traffic? No worries!  You can always see daily traffic on a map, so that you always save time. Telenav not only has been road tested, but it also was rated high, along with being top ranked. And to top it all off, it is an award –winning app!

Many other iPhone app companies along with Chad Mureta’s App Empire truly deserve the thanks given by all those iPhone users out there who were rescued from being lost. Without these kinds of apps, the iPhone is actually quite meaningless. So don’t be left out, join the millions of people who downloaded this app and never get lost again!

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