Why More People Use Xbox Live for Entertainment than Multiplayer Gaming

The Xbox series of gaming consoles has been a huge seller. People fell in love with the graphics and the quality of the games from the first generation Xbox. The trend has since continued, with newer models coming out every other year. One of the newer models, the Xbox Live is also very popular with the people. However, the striking thing is that people are using it more for entertainment rather than enjoying the high quality multiplayer games. This has been noticed recently as people seek to make the most of the numerous entertainment options available to them through Xbox Live. Considering endless entertainment opportunities are available online through a PAYG Dongle, it is surprising that people are using a gaming console for something other than playing games. There can be various reasons used to explain why more people use Xbox Live for entertainment than multiplayer gaming.

Data Shows Significant Increase

According to the information collected by Microsoft, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using Xbox Live for entertainment. The statistics are local to the US but they reflect the worldwide trend. The point to notice is that people have doubled their usage of the entertainment apps available through Xbox Live. Given the fact that they can access these apps on their computer using a PAYG Dongle, it seems strange they want to use Xbox Live.
The figures show that Xbox Live Gold members spend at least 84 hours a month using the various entertainment apps available to them. On average, an Xbox Live user watches an hour of video every day. One thing to keep in mind is that the trend reflects a decline in multiplayer gaming. This does not in any way imply that Xbox Live users are not playing solo games.

Reasons for Increase in Entertainment Usage

The main reason why people are using Xbox Live for entertainment is the sheer number of apps at their disposal. Xbox keeps upgrading its roster of entertainment apps providing the users even more options. Among the apps currently available are:


Users can watch ESPN on through Xbox Live. With the wide variety of sports covered by ESPN, they can follow a number of sports at the same time. It is a great option for sports fans.


YouTube is one of the most popular Xbox Live apps. People spend hours and hours watching videos on the web’s most famous video sharing website. With tons of content at their disposal, there is no wonder they don’t give much time to multiplayer gaming.


TODAY is an app provided by NBC News. TODAY is the number one morning news program in America, watched by millions of people daily. Why shouldn’t they watch it using their Xbox Live?


Keep in touch with all that is happening in the entertainment world with the TMZ app. Watch your favorite celebrities behind the scenes and catch up on the latest stories.
These are just four of the many entertainment apps that are available through Xbox Live. With the number of apps increasing constantly, the entertainment options are getting better for the Xbox Live users. The apps are reason enough for people to forego multiplayer gaming.


It is convenient for the people to channel all their entertainment needs through a single medium. They can catch up on their favorite music, movies and TV shows while also having the option of playing a game when they feel like it. When you have an Xbox Live, you don’t need to have a separate cable connection.

Gold Membership

The Xbox Live Gold Membership program provides access to even more content. Already the options for the average user are numerous. Becoming an Xbox Live Gold member will opens up more doors for the users.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

Usually, people like to play games on their own. What to do when you have to entertain the whole family and you have only one television? Use your Xbox Live. The entertainment apps have something for the whole family. Watch a movie together or follow your favorite TV shows. When you are alone, you can go back to your gaming.


These are some of the obvious reasons why more people use Xbox Live for entertainment than multiplayer gaming. As the entertainment options keep increasing, the trend is going to continue for the near future at least.

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