Armored Core V Game Review

We had been waiting for a solid and enjoyable mecha-based game from a long time. At last, there is a good release on the shelf. Armored Core V is the latest release of From Software’s Armored Core series. The game is a MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) which involves players fighting against the opponent team in a territory battle. The robots are impressive with a lot of weaponry at your disposal. Unlike the other versions, you will have smaller and nimbler robots to fight with in this edition of Armored Core.

The graphical interface goes well with the theme of the game

The graphics in the game are excellent with superbly designed scenarios and surroundings. The robots and the missiles are a treat to your eyes, especially if you are a mecha-freak! The transition between the weapons are expertly depicted and made to look as realistic as possible. You get that satisfying debris of metal when you annihilate an enemy. The sparks generated during impact, the aiming and the movement of the mecha-beasts is all a treat to the eyes. Armored Core V has nailed all the important visual aspects that you expect in a mecha-game.

Gameplay is a bit complicated initially

It is very difficult to understand the game with a single glance. There are a lot of options to get used to and this is not easy even for professional gamers. However, if you master the initial difficulty, you get the rush that only a hardcore mecha-game, like Armored Core V, can give you.

Initially when you start, there is a bit of delay when the game connects to the server but eventually, everything resolves itself. This game is best played in multi player mode, but there is an extremely tedious single player option also. The World Map is then displayed where you can choose from any of the 100 available missions. Each mission has to be played with a minimum of two players. Conquests and raids require a minimum team of five players.

The customization feature of the game deserves a special mention. You are allowed to change even the minutest of the details. You can choose your own decals and design your own emblems. There is no other joy for a player than making his robot look dashing and menacing. The developers at From Software have recognized this and need to be commended for adding this excellently crafted feature.

Practice and repetition will allow you to enjoy the game more

Most players might give up due to the lack of clarity in terms of controls or storyline. But if you really want to enjoy Armored Core V, then you should play it till you master the controls. It is not an easy game and is meant only for people who are familiar with the nuances of gaming. So you should be willing to sweat it out for the initial 2 or 3 hours. Only after that will you experience what the game truly has to offer in terms of weaponry, battles and playing experience.

Overall, an impressive mecha-game after a long time

It is impossible to give an overall rating to a game like this and we chose to rate each of its aspects individually. The graphics of the game is impressive, with a lot of attention being given to finer detail. Graphics is 8.5 out of 10. The sound is good with accurate audio of metal crashing on metal, the explosions and roar of the weaponry.

The gameplay is also excellent, once you get over the initial difficulty of mastering the controls. So both the gameplay and audio score 8 out of 10. The only improvement that could have been done is in the presentation as the storyline gets a bit monotonous after a while.

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