Apple iPad 4 Release Date, Features and Social Media Calls

What’s Apple doing on social media? Answer is, surely, deep fishing. Just after the release of iPad 3, people started talking about iPad 4 on social networks. Now, they are talking more vigorously about iPad mini. What do you think it’s for? Surely, it’s a marketing strategy. It solves a few objectives;

  • Creates a follower base. That includes consumers, prospects and skeptics. More you involve into a discussion, cozier you become with a brand.
  • Taking wind out of competitor’s sail. Every leaked feature or rumor is actually pressure tactic on competing brand. Prospects and skeptics can even postpone buying decision for better deal in near future.

In case you are not sure what we are talking about just look into the facts. Amazon Kindle Fire was doing very well just after its launch. They almost managed 16.8% market share during last festive months. However, recently Kindle Fire’s market share has gone down to 4%. While Apple tablets’ market share has gone up to 68% from 54.7% in 4th quarter 2011. Does that ring any bell? Too many rumors are milling around on iPad 4 currently. Let’s have a look.

1. Faster peripheral connectivity  

Thunderbolt is a patented Apple technology. 4th generation iPad could sport this technology. It will make iOS 5.1.1 a lot faster even when you’ll transfer loads of stuff to and fro.

2. Neat design

It’ll be more monolithic for sure. From leaked images, it seems upcoming iPad would be slimmer.

3. Upgraded Siri

It’s a wonderful way to talk to your iDevice. Apple would make Siri one-stop better and release with iPad 4. It won’t be bad to see new iPad nodding to your voice.

4. Near-field communication or NFC

We are not sure but next good thing on iPad would be integrated NFC technology. It will open up lot of usability for iPad 4 and upcoming iDevices.

5. More to store

Industry sources believe this time Apple is planning to double internal storage to 128GB. Good thought, Apple.

6. More audibility

This is another field, where iPad lacks. We don’t say they’re bad! They are simply not the best. We think iPad 4 would sound a lot better than just workable. Click on the next page to find out the possible release dates of iPad 4!

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  2. I hope the ipad 4 will be released on this December coz i cant wait to buy this ipad 4. What a surprise:)