Skullgirls Game Review

This game is the newest entry into a long list of popular fighting games that have surfaced over the years. Its intentions are noble, but is there something unique that this all-female fighter can deliver on? While stories usually never take center stage in fighting games, Skullgirls has a bit of loose chain of events that brings all the characters together for a classic throw-down. Taking place in the fantastical setting of the Canopy Kingdom, the game’s multitude of fighters all come together in pursuit of the mysterious artifact known as the Skull Heart. It is an object said to grant the wish of any woman who obtains it but turns them into horrifying beings known as Skullgirls. Stories are told through animated cut-scenes and dialogue and shows off the creative style of the game.

The main emphasize, however, is in the structure of the game mechanics. Compared to the other tournament fighters, the game has a very limited cast of characters, albeit with their own individual identities. What the game lacks for in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

Skullgirls was designed primarily as a tag-team fighter with a heavy emphasize on fast gameplay and chain combos. It’s a highly technical package that works on how skilled players are in incorporating dial-a-combo and overpowered comeback mechanics. Revolving around attacks, counter-attacks, stringing combos and punishing mistakes, the fighting does a decent job of replicating the recent combo-heavy games we have been seeing. The team mechanics allow players to send up to three players in a battle complete with regenerating health and assists.

Some truly standout features include the ability to break out of an infinite loop with the press of a button, custom assists that allow your character to perform any move other than a super, and easier command inputs for more difficult maneuvers. In addition, the online netplay powered by the GGPO netcode works fairly well. Though your mileage will certainly depend on the type of connection you have.

When it comes to look and feel, Skullgirls shows off a distinctive art style that speaks for itself. The characters are designed and rendered in an extremely eye-catching way, with high-resolution sprites coupled with dynamic lighting effects. Each character exudes their own personality and comes off as truly unique, while the way they handle further sets them apart. Effects are nice and colorful, and the background truly seems alive with some really good artwork of its own to show.

The soundtrack feels a bit muted by comparison, but it works well nonetheless in defining the personality of the game. If you appreciated 2D art, you will certainly be pleased with what you find here.

Skullgirls is a brilliant initiative that truly shows off the capabilities of what a well-crafted tournament fighter can have. With great mechanics, great visuals and some really fun gameplay, this downloadable title deserves your attention if you have got a thing for fighting games.

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  1. Sumeet Kumar says:

    Is it Freeware or Shareware??

    PS) Write some reviews of Freeware Games, As Exams are going to be over, I want to enjoy some good free PC games 🙂