Advice for Students looking for a Job in the Gaming Industry

Playing games and making them are two completely different things! Game development is one of the hardest areas of software to work in, but it has its rewards. Although still a niche, that has its own advantages as well. At this point in time, the industry really needs good resources, but more importantly it needs people who love creating games (not just playing them).

Previously, working in game development was considered risky because few people were doing it and if the company you worked for closed down for any reason, you would be left with a skill that’s not required in the market. Now, game development jobs are on the rise, although still fewer than Web development and application development jobs. However, they play well once you have gained some experience.

The dearth of colleges for video game design and absence of well-known companies makes it hard to start out in the game development industry. Industry people are helpful, but you will have to reach out to them.

A little research can find multiple dedicated game development companies in every major country or city. Consult the people and see what it takes to do this sort of work. Just be prepare to work harder than your counterparts in order to overcome the lack of knowledge that stems from having being taught no courses related to game development in universities.

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