Dirt Showdown Review: Let the Games Begin!

With great music and Christian Stevenson’s voice as commentator and MC, this game packs a punch. The vehicles included in this game are vans, hearses, and trucks. The music that is blasted in this game includes tempos of hip-hop, dance, and a rock mix never heard before. Dirt Showdown gives car racing a whole new name.

The various race modes of Dirt

Dirt Showdown features several different race modes that a player can choose from, and each one is unique in its own way. The Straight races involve eliminators and the last driver is taken out at a timed point, as for the other cars, they pose as burnt obstacles. The Eight Ball race is simply a figure eight track that racers drive around with various crossovers. The Rampages mode features racers crashing into each other for the most points. The Knockouts mode is like the Rampages mode on platforms. When a person knocks another car off a bridge or platform, extra points are rewarded.

Last but not least the Domination races bring a whole new meaning to the words car racing. The person, who finishes with the fastest time at each section of a lap, takes first place as champion. Several modes from different versions of the game are also featured but not as important as the others. Playing this game as a one player will present challenges like never before. There are four different levels of competition which features 13 individual races, and in order for the player to unlock the next level, he or she must finish each race in the top three spots.

Dirt Showdown overall

This game is fun, fast, and extremely furious. It has its fans and players begging for more but with a sense of satisfaction. Dirt Showdown has everything a fan could want in a game and does not fail to impress. Many fans are blissfully overwhelmed and can’t seem to get enough of this rowdy, rough game. This game is entertaining, blunt and involves challenging races that are not too long but not too short. Dirt Showdown is surprisingly one of the most constructive yet destructive games ever made.

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