How to Choose a Desktop Computer

Looking to purchase a new and user friendly desktop computer? With so much choice the process can be confusing, but don’t panic – we’ve put together a few useful tips to help you out.

Know thyself

Start by considering what you want out of a desktop PC. Is your computer going to be used largely for word processing and browsing the web, or do you intend to engage in more complicated processes such as video editing and website building? Will you need a larger screen for watching films? Is attractiveness essential to your requirements? Are you a techno obsessive who likes a wide range of features, or do you prefer to keep things simple? Writing down a list of requirements and specifications will help out when it comes to choosing a model.

Set a budget

Decide out the outset how much you can afford to spend, and don’t let yourself be pushed into buying a PC full of features that you don’t need, simply because it looked trendy or the salesman in the shop was super persuasive. A clear budget will also help you to narrow down the field of options.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you’re unsure how your ‘wanted’ list transfers into actual computer specifications, then the best course is to go to a specialist retailer of computers such as PC World. Not only can you take advantage of expert advice, you’ll also have the chance to try out various models and see which ones you get on best with.

Don’t be swayed by brand names

None of us are immune to advertising, but when it comes to choosing a desktop computer it’s important to look beyond names to find the model that’s right for your needs. Pay attention to the look, feel and performance of a PC rather than whether or not it’s on-trend.

Do your research!

Armed with your list of specifications, it’s time to begin the research process. Look at the PCs that fit your requirements and finds out what each one really offers. It’s worth looking at user reviews as well as the opinions of computing experts on websites such as Which? Consider how much value for money each model offers, and how enjoyable it would be to use on a day to day basis.

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