Download Free Games and Important Files from General Files

Well, there are many websites to download free games and other important files, but you’ll find very less quality sites that allow free downloading of games and other files! Recently, I was searching for a quality sites from where I can download all kinds of stuff that I need, and luckily I found some great sites that are offering these free, quality and user-friendly downloading services. Below are the sites that look very interesting to me!

General-files is simple and easy to use; you can download free games, movies, music and other important files. For searching purpose, you can take the help of a search box that is available in the site. Type anything in the search box and it will find that for you. One of the impressive features about this site is that you’ll be available to upload your own files as well. In the beginning; the uploading limit will be less, but with the passage of time, you’ll be given the authority to upload more files.

General-catalog is another great site that you’re looking for! This one is a great free file catalog, offering some of the unique and latest things to download. The search mechanism of General-catalog is a bit different from others. For searching, it uses the title and description of files to find out the right thing that a user needs. Thus it makes the search mechanism more efficient in terms of finding the right things. Another thing that you’ll notice is that everything will have a specific category, e.g. if you want to find something related to T.V shows, you’ll likely find it under the T.V shows category.

GeneralDownloader is a feeling of a fresh air! It is a free rapidshare downloader that helps you download free games and other files very easily without any delay and interruption. It deals with different kinds of disturbance in downloading like, “wait a minute”, “visit this page before downloading” etc. and gives you fast and user-friendly service.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy all these sites while downloading your most precious things. All the above sites are free and anyone can download whatever he wants!

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