Five of the Best Xbox Games to Play with Your Woman

Love to play video games? Who doesn’t these days? However, does your girlfriend love playing games too or would she rather go out with you to see the latest romantic comedy? Instead of heading out to see another one of those crappy movies that you’ll fall asleep while watching, check out some of these Xbox games that both you and your girlfriend can have fun playing together!

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Known as the exciting sequel to Viva Piñata, this game’s basic concept involves tending to a garden to attract new piñatas to it. Within the game, you can grow and plant trees while keeping all of your piñatas safe and happy. Sound cheesy and boring? It actually isn’t and your girlfriend should find it quite fun and simple to play. As your gardening skills improve over time, you get access to new tools and plants along with new piñatas.

Rock Band 2

For those dudes out there who love to rock, this is a game that both you and your girlfriend can have a ton of fun with. It’s a simple game that is easy to learn and anyone can start playing within seconds of turning on the game. If you’re on a budget, you can simply pick up the standalone guitars and you and your girlfriend can take turns shredding guitar licks. For an even more fun experience, a drum kit and microphone can be purchased so that both of you can take turns singing and also pretending that you’re the next John Bonham. You and your girl will be rocking out and having a ton of fun while getting away with listening to all of your favorite music that she might hate!

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a side-scrolling game that has a large number or role-playing elements to it. Basically, you select a character and choose a stage to play in on a large map. Each character has a different magical ability that is used to defeat enemies. To level up your character, you must gain a certain number of experience points by defeating different foes in each stage. Along with weapons, each player can also get animal companions for their characters as well as other special abilities.

The game itself is set within a medieval universe. There are four knights, which a player chooses from when picking their character, who must rescue a stolen gem, rescue a king’s daughters, and bring the wizard to justice.

Costume Quest

This game is very much similar to Castle Crashers discussed above in that combines adventure with role-playing elements. In the game, two twins are trick-or-treating on Halloween when one of the siblings is captured by an evil monster. Players must go around the neighborhood and collect candy, costumes, and other kids to help defeat the monster.

Your girlfriend will love the game play here because of how fun it is. Throughout the time, the player’s character will encounter monsters that they will have to battle. When battle mode begins, the character ends up becoming a gigantic version of whatever costume it’s wearing. For instance, a character that has a medieval sweater on will turn into a giant knight in shining armor that wields a sword. Battles work on a turn basis, meaning certain attacks and blocks are selected ahead of time and need to be executed at the right moments in order to inflict damage.

Portal 2

Is your girlfriend looking for that bonding experience and you don’t feel like attending a therapy session? Instead, play Portal 2 with her! In this game, complex puzzles must be solved by using a “portal gun.” This game will certainly give you a lot more enjoyment!


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