Top Legal Applications for Androids

Perhaps you are a busy law student who needs helpful flashcards or notes for your upcoming exams, a lawyer who needs a quick fix for a pulse on the trends in law today, or a citizen who needs to know how the laws in your area are changing, what to vote on, or how you are affected by specific laws. All of this would be useful information for a smartphone app, and for whatever reason you need to know about legal matters, there is usually an app available to make that information more accessible.

Although sometimes iPhone users have more available apps to download, android users interested in law will be happy to know that some apps are available out there for them as well. Currently, there are a few really helpful applications available for android smartphones out on the market.

One that will be of interest for law students, attorneys, and others closely following trends in law is the publication American Lawyer, available as an app. For reading enjoyment, you can download specific articles to read on your daily commute to work or on your tablet or smartphone when you are not close to an internet connection. This app works for remote access to the articles from most locations, and can help catch you up on the latest law articles.

For people who are seeking legal counsel, there is a mobile app that you can download for your android that helps you find the right lawyer for you, by browsing through profiles of local representatives, reading reviews of different attorneys, and by searching for your specific city and state practices. This app is called Super Lawyers, and can really help you get informed about the culture of law practitioners in your area, find out about each type of law, and also have some background information on potential attorneys you might work with before you even meet them in person.

Another droid app that you can download from Amazon for androids is the Droid Law app. It has some of the critical civil court dates and deadlines for the nation at a federal level and for specific states as well. It also includes a pocket legal reference, a list of Rules of Evidence, and also detailed information about appellate, bankruptcy, civil, and criminal legal procedures. There are many add-ons that you can purchase for this app as well. This can really help when you are on a way to a court appointment or a client meeting and need a quick refresher or codes, dates, and other hard-to-keep track of legal information.

While legal apps can be both fun and highly useful, if you are a law student or attorney, there is no substitution for the good old fashioned way of doing things, with dedicated research and extensive studying. Apps are meant to be used more in terms of refreshing the memory of legal workers who are already familiar with those terms, laws, and circumstances that the apps can help with. Since there is so much information to remember in regards to any type of law, legal apps come as a refreshing and helpful aid to people who work with law on a regular basis, or who simply want to review or organize what they already know.

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