HP ePrint – Print from Anywhere

HP ePrint is a mobile feature for free, with which you can print your documents and photos from your mobile device when and where you want. HP ePrint lets you print from virtually anywhere to an HP printer that supports HP ePrint.

HP ePrint gives you an exclusive e-mail address assigned to your HP printer once enabled. Just you need to send e-mail including your documents or images to your printer address to print out them. You can print images, Photos, PDF files, Word Documents and PowerPoint Slides.

How to use it?

Once set up ePrint application, easy to print outs.

1. The printer is in unlocked mode after ePrint is enabled. Connect it to the wireless network using the wireless setting wizard.

2. Enable HP ePrint web service. You will receive prompt during wireless set up. Your e-mail address displays on the ePrint Panel users of Photosmart printer. For Laser Jet Printer with the small 2 line display, kindly print-out the sheet of information to see the email address.

3. Register your printer at the HP ePrintCenter which allows you to send e-mail attaching files to your printer. You can also change the settings of ePrint by logging to ePrintCenter. These setting options in color and paper size can be changed.

4. Ready to print your document by simply sending e-mail with attachments. You can do it from your smart phone, laptop and tablets.

How to Manage ePrint Security

Once ePrint enabled, a person can print who knows your printer’s e-mail address. You need to be very careful about to whom you share your printer’s email address. You received unwanted print outs only if someone sent email attaching files to your printer.

Solution of this problem is, you can change your mode and also specify who is permitted to print to your printer at HP ePrintCenter. In case if you want to send email to you and also to your family member or friend, you can do it by forwarding single mail typing your printer’s e-mail in TO and other email address in the BCC.

If someone accepts specified e-mails by you will be ignored. You check your ePrint status that it is locked or not and you can also see the history of print jobs sent to your printer at their HP ePrintCenter.

The Points you should know about it

  • It needs an active internet connection to the printer to use HP ePrint.
  • HP ePrint supports a maximum of 5MB limits each attachment and 10 attachments per e-mail.
  • For image printing it allows the formats (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF).
  • It displays an error message in case of printer is out of paper. It holds your email to 24 hours and keeps trying to print your documents other than it has not printed after 24 hours, you need to send e-mail again.
  • Photo print default size is 4″ x 6″.

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