What to Expect from Nintendo’s Wii U™?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you cannot but be caught up in the magic of Nintendo. To call it a video game company would be stating the obvious, but it is also an understatement. It is the industry’s biggest, most influential player and products from its stables create buzz no matter what. Who can forget the craze of Game Boy and Donkey Kong?

Nintendo which means, ‘leave luck to heaven’, has come a long way from 1889 and now we are gearing up for its next offering- the Wii U-a video game console expected later in the year. This is what we know it will have:

  • The GamePad: The controller of the Wii U will have a touch screen and buttons and other old methods. So you get a blend of old and new. The GamePad will let you experience your locations with just a touch of a finger. You can zoom in, tilt the setting, move from vertical to horizontal display and have a bird’s-eye-view of the top ideas that caught your eye while you were playing.
  • Tablet-like features: The new console boasts of a touch screen which makes the entire gaming experience more personal and direct.
  • Compatibility: Even though the Wii U is a new setup, you can use a traditional controller and old programs like Nunchuck and Wii Remote Plus will continue to work here too.
  • Library: A better, expanded library would be a very cool thing to look forward to indeed because it would mean more new games and fewer old ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love Super Mario but it would be great to indulge in some new games.
  • Non dependence of TV: With the GamePad, you can play some games without powering on the TV. With the GamePad, you can watch pre-recorded videos on your console or on the TV when it is on.
  • Multiplayer redux: An interesting new element is the multiplayer with twist-players can use different functions in the game when they use different controllers.
  • Colors: The consoles come in black and white and are sleek and easy to use.

Apart from this you can import content, video chat and download stuff. Just like in the previous versions, the Wii U comes with user accounts and you can get up to 12 of them. You will also have access to the Wii U’s eShop for the latest on titles, applications and add-ons. If you have something to say and share, you can use Miiverse, the social network system of the game.

The Wii U has the backing of a company known for its quality and innovation and therefore promises to be the answer to a gamers’ prayer.

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