How to Take a Good Profile Picture

If you want to leave an impression among your social circle on the Web, you need to have a really good profile picture, and here’s how you can have one.

Firstly, follow the most obvious rule. The ideal profile picture should be your very own photo. Not a photo of your pet, your favorite movie actor, or the person you would want to win the next elections. Also, there should not be anyone else in the photo, especially someone better-looking than you; let’s admit that we are narcissistic and love getting compliments! Seriously, be the only one in the photo.

Once you follow these fundamental rules, compose your profile picture. It should be on a nice and clean background (neither against a background that will camouflage your face, nor in front of a completely plain background). A blurry background works best, as in a photo with good depth-of-field (photographers, take note). Of course outdoor shots look great as well. You can always ask someone to take your photo if you spot a nice background (note that that adjective ‘nice’ is relative here!).

Once you have got the perfect shot, make sure you don’t apply too many photo effects. Just apply basic color corrections (although you can check if a filter looks good, but it is not mandatory). When that’s done, upload it to any social network, and ask your close friends for honest feedback. And one last thing, stick to a profile picture for some time. When you need to change it, follow these instructions again, and you’ll get an even better profile picture than the last one.

One thought on “How to Take a Good Profile Picture

  1. we definitely needs to have a good profile picture to have good impression