Tech Artists Rejoice with New Updates to Draw Something

‘Draw something’ fans have finally got what they asked for. The latest update for both iOS and Android platforms offer users the ability to send comments, share pictures and much more. Since the app’s release earlier this year, virtual artists everywhere have put their skills to the test with this exciting game of visual charades on the go. Now they’ve even more exciting things to look forward to.

What is Draw Something?

For those who haven’t experienced this enticing game, ‘Draw Something’ is a game of picture charades. A player is presented with a list of three words of varying difficulties to choose from. The player selects a word and then creates a drawing. The harder the word, the more coins the player wins if her partner correctly guesses the word. Once the drawing is finished, the partner has a list of scrambled letters to choose from to fill in the blanks of what the word might be. Of course, some letters are not in the word at all. It’s up to the first player’s drawings skills to win or lose the game.

Originally created by OMGPOP, Draw Something has since been purchased by Zynga and has added the following exciting updates:


One of the biggest and most desirable updates is the ability to send short messages to players along with your drawing. Once you’ve completed your image and sent it to your partner, you can also send messages. The chat feature was a highly demanded feature in the game and is finally available, though message length is limited.


One of the biggest pains of the game, according to Jason Parker of CNET, was switching between the drawing tool and the eraser every time you messed up a line. The newest update to ‘Draw Something’ lets players undo the last line. This quickly erases mistakes in an instant so players can try again.

Save and Post

When you’ve created the Mona Lisa of virtual drawings, you’ll want to save it. The update has both a save and a share feature for players to use. Saving drawings to your photo library will keep them so you can flip through each drawing later. Once you’ve submitted a drawing, you also have the option to share it through Facebook or Twitter and let the world see your talent.

Game Tweaks
In addition to the major updates, other less flashy but just as important updates are happening as well. The game runs even more faster and smoother than before. It has a maximum streak of 999 instead of the previous 99, and it has many new words added so players don’t keep getting the same vocabulary over and over again.

If you have ‘Draw Something’ and want to try out these new features, all you need to do is update. The update will work on both iOS and Android. If you don’t have the app or you’ve uninstalled it, simply download it again to receive the latest copy of the game. The game has been near the top of the paid apps list in the iTunes App store according to Parker and will likely reach the top again thanks to these long-awaited changes.

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