External Hard Disk Problems and Solutions

Advancement in technology is taking place very rapidly with the passage of time. One of the latest technologies is Digital Data and the most prominent device for storing Digital data is Hard disks. External Hard Disks are getting increased attention due to its enormous amount of space and the ability to connect it with any computer with suitable port with ease. External Hard Disks are getting cheaper and better in quality.

Today, these External Hard Disks are used frequently and as the usage of external drives is increasing, there is also a rise in increase in number of problems and errors in these hard disk drives. However, we can troubleshoot these External Hard Disk drives according to the problem. Here are some of the common problems and failures with external drives.

Dropping the Drive Accidentally

This is one of the common errors with every External Hard Disk users. There are various cases where the drive is dropped from the surface. Most of these devices are designed to be kept in a flat surface and should be placed horizontally. You can keep the external Hard Disk drives away from corners or location of edges. Always make sure to lay these devices flat instead of upright.

Twisted Wires, Cables, and Cords

Many times wires, cables, and cords are twisted, which causes an entire hard disk drive to be pulled off from the surface and drops it onto the floor. It is always essential to ensure that the wires and cords are not twisted and that they are long enough to allow you to place the drive in a suitable surface. Also, make sure that other wires do not merge with these hard disk cables.

Plugging the Wrong Power Cord

You may have several different power cords and sometimes you tend to plug in the wrong power cord for the devices. There are various cases where a client has plugged a power cord into the drive of a hard disk, which is different than what it needs to be, is causing overflow of power, and will gradually overheat the device. To prevent these types of mistakes in future, make sure to label each of your power cords.

Current/Voltage Fluctuations

Majority of external hard disk drive errors appear due to sudden difference in voltage levels. High voltage can cause harm to your hard disk and the warranty will also be void. These fluctuations affect both the computer and the devices connected to it. The best way to prevent this type of current and voltage fluctuation is to have a UPS or a stabilizer installed for your computer.

Power Surges from Lighting

Sometimes, when you run computers during heavy rain with thunders, lightning can cause power surge to your devices. These can cause external hard disk drive failures by overheating it and results in data loss. To prevent this, mostly try to avoid running computers during such situations and also ensure several safety measures.

It is essential to take care of your external hard disk to prevent data loss, which contain important information. If your data is damaged during such situations, you can contact Data Recovery Companies to retrieve your data at a high price. Rather than spending that high, you can ensure several small procedures to prevent these problems and it is also worth saving your drives.

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  1. sir hi i use so many times a External hard disk but one time this moment it give some problem my system is not going on what is the issue please replay soon