Gravity Rush Game Review

So far, the play station vita hasn’t really had a strong line-up of games that sets it apart as a must-have console. Fortunately, the folks at Sony’s studios decided to cook up something to make sure the Vita sells like hot cakes. Gravity Rush can be considered the Vita’s first official “killer game”, and diving into this amazing adventure head­first should be the highest priority for gaming enthusiasts everywhere. Set in the fictional town of Hekseville, you play as Kat, a girl suffering from amnesia who soon discovers she has the power to manipulate gravity at will.

From there on, the game really opens up to you and allows you to experiment with your new-found powers while saving the people of Hekseville from the monstrous Nevi. Gameplay is fairly open-ended, allowing you to roam around the place at your own free will and engage in the various activities you find. Most of the game revolves around story missions though, and there’s a bit of a dearth with regards to extra missions and content in general. Still, the open-world exploration feels highly rewarding with some hidden gems, side missions, and an interesting cast of characters to meet along the way.

The gravity mechanic in general is the highlight of the game. Using the analog stick or the system’s motion sensors, you can pretty much snap on to any surface within the game and use it as a platform. Additionally, the game features some light role- playing game mechanics that let you level up your abilities as you make progress. Combat is another aspect of the game that works surprisingly well. You’ll be tasked with battling a number of monsters and bosses using your / gravity abilities in the process, along with a few touch mechanics as well.

As far as the look and feel of the game goes, Gravity Rush pulls off an incredible display of bright cell-shaded gameplay filled, with anime-inspired elements. The various locales within the game are all ripe with their own personality, and the cast has some delightful characters that you’ll rub shoulders with. The scenic vistas are gorgeous. Special mention should be given to the musical score that sweeps over you as you go about your business.

All in all, the game is full of charm and appeal. As a Vita game and as a game in general, Gravity Rush is an exemplary piece of work that deserves to go through your hands at least once. With some great mechanics, stunning visuals and fun gameplay, this game is an absolute must-have for Vita users.

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