Unable to Access USB? Follow these Simple Solutions!

Issues like not being able to access the USB, is a fairly common problem nowadays. Yet, it can be very annoying if your USB drive or slot does not work when you are quite busy at work. There can be several reasons why this problem might crop up, but the solutions to it are pretty simple nevertheless.

Driver problems

This can be a crucial reason towards not being able to access the USB. Most contemporary USB devices come with built in drivers that install the driver software when plugged in to a system for the first time. There is always the possibility that the driver installation does not take place successfully and this could lead to a few problems.

The USB may have been detected, but the user might not be able to access it. Or the OS platform might just not be able to access the device. If this is the case remove the device and insert it again, so that the process can repeat itself. Ideally the problem should get rectified at this stage.

In case you are still experiencing problems then try to install the driver through the installation CD that normally comes with the device. This should do the trick for you.

Cable issues

This is a common problem, which often people do not realize for a long while. The cable which is used to connect the USB device with the system might be damaged and this would in turn naturally make the device inaccessible.

People often fail to realize this fact and try out various methods to get their device working. Hence, always make sure that your cable is also not damaged in any way.

Administrative decision

Many companies disbar their employees from using USB devices on office system citing possible misuse of company data. As a result the administration blocks the system, which would render the use of the USB’s ineffectual by the users.

Inability to access the USB

Addressing these issues maybe a little more cumbersome, but can be easily done. There are several reasons as to why the user may not be able to access the USB ports. These may be due to administrative decisions, where the users are blocked from plugging in devices. Or may be due to an error in the system where the BIOS might disable the port, which stops the OS from accessing it and it might also be the case where the ports are working, but the USB is not recognized on your system tray or My Computer.

If this is a computer error you can try the following:-

Click on the start menu and initiate the run command by typing and selecting it on the search box. Once the Run box has opened, type the command ‘compmgmt.msc’.

This will shortly open a new window and on the left panel you will notice the Disk Management Area. On the right side of the panel you will see the USB drive icon. Right click on it and then click on the ‘Explore’ option. Make the necessary changes and USB device should be active after this action.

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