Tips to Get a Windows 8 Metro Look for your Browsers

It’s a long road ahead for those who eagerly anticipate the launch of Windows 8.  However, if you wish to catch a few glimpses of this operating system in advance, check out the work of the Czech web programmer ubomír Krupa. He has successfully created the Windows 8 look on the computer. Though you cannot expect the entire functionality, you can definitely get a feel of the look. The operating system was unsuccessful in updating the latest weather updates and the rising stock prices. However, Krupa has successfully provided customization with an MIT license. That means as long as the copyright is available, it can modify, copy, publish, distribute and do a lot more.

  • The first step to be followed to give your computer the new look is downloading all the zipped data. These data are used by the start page. You will find this at the “Deviant Art download page”.
  • The second step is to unzip the data to a new folder and place it under the “My Computer” folder.
  • Use the Windows Explorer address bar and copy the entire path name.
  • Now, you need to paste it in the address bar of your browser.
  • In case you are using Firefox, you have to set the address on the home page.

Suppose you use Internet Explorer, there is one more thing that you need to do. Choose the Internet options. It is available at the top right of the browser’s gear icon.  Choose the advanced tab and select the security section. You will find an option known as “Allow active content to run in files”. Now select that box. There is a slight possibility of risk involved in this process. It is that a layer of your browser protection will be deleted. You might also receive a yellow colored prompt which asks whether it can allow the blocked content.

Following this step is the customization of your tiles. In case you wish to paste all your links here unlike Krupa’s default method, you have to create a file that has similar dimensions to the ones provided. Make use of the Thumbs directory to enter the names. If you are aiming for a more natural appearance, you can change the Google title into a Bing title. Use the Bing logo and resize it on the start page. Now, you have to relate the image to the title and change the link. Once this is accomplished, you can create transparent images and retain the original color patterns. When your browser switches to full screen view, you can get the most accurate description of the Windows 8 look.

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